At least 65 Russian soldiers were killed in missile strikes in Ukraine

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Horrific images show the aftermath of Ukrainian missile strikes that killed at least 65 Russian soldiers in occupied Donetsk, where they were ordered to line up in an open square to inspect the commander.

Pictures circulated on social media show what appear to be dozens of bodies of men wearing military fatigues scattered in a muddy area in the forest.

Two to three US-made mobile missiles (HIMARS) were fired Tuesday morning at a training ground for Russia's 39th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade stationed near the occupied village of Trudevsky in the southern Donetsk region, according to Russian military bloggers and a Ukrainian official.

Shocking images show the aftermath of the Ukrainian HIMARS attack on Russian forces in the occupied part of the Donetsk region. British Intelligence/Telegram
Soldiers of the 39th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade lined up in an open field near the village of Trudivsky to inspect the commander. British Intelligence/Telegram

Serhiy Prachuk, spokesman for the Volunteer Army in southern Ukraine, posted two video clips On his channel on Telegram Which he said showed the “consequences” of the deadly attack.

The troops gathered around 9 a.m. local time to await the arrival of Major General Oleg Moiseyev, decorated commander of the 29th Army of the Eastern Military District, who was scheduled to inspect the brigade.

“Our leaders lined us up in an open field,” a soldier who survived the massacre said in a video obtained by the CIA. BBC Russian Service.

In the end, Moiseev never arrived for inspection, Russian war correspondent Roman Saponkov reported on Telegram.

Popular military blog Rebar described the attack He described it as a “tragic event,” adding that “the lack of common sense and flexibility of thinking among senior officers is not surprising.”

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Two or three American-made Himars missiles were fired at the Russian brigade, killing dozens. British Intelligence/Telegram
The survivors of the attack lined up their dead comrades next to the tree line. British Intelligence/Telegram

Russian correspondent Andrei Rudenko sarcastically warned the leaders In a post on social media Unnecessarily lining up military personnel “just to show your own importance carries a very high probability of getting hit in the head by what you call PC30 HIMARS.”

“So take care of yourself and your subordinates!” appealed.

The HIMAR strikes occurred shortly before Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with President Vladimir Putin to brag about his forces capturing the strategically important town of Avdiivka.

The troops were killed while waiting for the arrival of Major General Oleg Moiseyev, who was scheduled to inspect the brigade. Smotrim News/East2West

“Regarding the overall situation in Avdiivka, this is an absolute success,” Putin told Shoigu. “Congratulations. It must be built upon.”

The Russian Defense Ministry did not comment on the massacre of troops in Donetsk.

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