At a glance, the day of the war: Putin threatens a major offensive – Ukraine launches counter-offensive in Zhevrodonetsk

War day at a glance
Putin threatens to launch a major offensive – Ukraine launches counter-offensive in Zhivorodonetsk

Russia has stepped up pressure on Ukraine with rocket attacks on the capital Kiev and further escalating threats. Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will retaliate if the West supplies long-range missiles to a country under attack by Ukraine. Meanwhile, several rockets crashed in Kiev and its suburbs. According to British sources, Ukrainian troops have been fighting in the eastern city of Zhivorodonetsk for several days.

Heavy shelling on Kiev in weeks

Since the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area around Kiev in late March, the capital has rarely been the target of rocket attacks, most recently in late April. Now the city is under heavy shelling again. The military leadership in Kiev announced that the military and civilian infrastructure had been affected. According to reports, one of the injured was treated at the hospital and there were no deaths. People posted pictures and videos of fire and smoke clouds on social networks. Noises of attack were also heard. There was a wind alert for about two and a half hours on Sunday morning.

Kiev contradicts Russian representation

The Russian military says T-72 tanks and other military equipment supplied by Eastern European countries have been destroyed in rocket attacks in the suburbs of Kiev. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said they were staying at a train car repair plant. However, Kiev’s railway chief, Alexander Kamisin, denied the allegations, saying there were no tanks. Four rockets landed there, he said.

In the Telegram, the Commission wrote that wagons carrying grain used for export were destroyed in the attack. There is no military equipment in that area. On the contrary, according to the railway boss, Russia wants to prevent Ukraine from exporting goods to the West.

Putin: Combat drones “explode like nuts”

Russia also verbally abused this Sunday: Putin threatened to launch a major offensive if Ukraine received long-range Western missiles. The Kremlin leader said that the purpose of the Western arms supply was to prolong the conflict in Ukraine as much as possible.

However, with the aim of delivering the state-of-the-art HIMARS multi-rocket missiles announced by the US, he was relaxed: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already using such systems made by Russia and will replace the destruction of US supplies. Weapons. Nevertheless, it is important here which missiles will be used. Putin said Russian air defense had now destroyed most of the war drones in Ukraine. “Our air defense systems are crushing them like nuts.”

Ukrainian counter-attack in Siverodonetsk

The situation in Ukraine seems to be more and more dangerous, especially in the eastern part of the country. British intelligence now points to a counter-attack in the fiercely contested city of Siverodonetsk by Ukrainian troops. The Ministry of Defense in London also declared that the established Russian forces were the reserves of the self-declaration of the “Luhansk People’s Republic”. These troops are poorly armed and trained and do not have heavy equipment compared to conventional units.

According to the regional administration, Ukraine regained control of half of Sverdlovsk. Sergei Kajtaj, the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, said that the armed forces had “cleansed” half of the industrial city of “Russian troops”. However, a major Russian counter-attack is expected in the coming days.

The first report on the Germans killed on the Ukrainian side

On Saturday, Ukraine officially announced for the first time the death of a German volunteer fighter in the fighting. The International Security Assistance Force (IAF) says three volunteers from France, Australia and the Netherlands are among the “fallen brothers.” The names of all four were given, but when or where they died.

Exchanged bodies for the first time

Ukraine and Russia have returned the bodies of 160 soldiers, according to officials in Kiev. The exchange took place on the front line in the Zaporizhia region on June 2, it said. According to Ukrainian sources, further talks on the transfer of prisoners of war are underway on both sides. Thousands of Ukrainian militants have been involved in Russian violence, including Mariupol’s bodyguards, who held the fort at the Azovstal steel plant until they left Kiev in May.

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