In a recent report published by Korea International Trade Association Apple has proved itself as the largest installed base of the smartphone in China. The Apple has 171 million unit of installed base of the phone in China.

As per the report KIA with 132 million installed bases in China, Huawei has come up in second place. Oppo has recorded a selling of 124 million unit in China where 108 million unit sold by Vivo, 68 million unit by Xiaomi. Surprisingly with 48 million sells Samsung has come down to sixth place. Comparing its standing in the first quarter of last year it was gone down two notches.

The report also depicts that younger buyers are interesting into buying Chinese brands. Half of all Oppo devices were purchased by the age group of 16 to 25 years which is 43percent of total buyers. Only 7.2 percent buyers have shown their interest to buy another Samsung device. With the increasing popularity of the Apple’s iPhones, the buyers of China is becoming more financially strong, and they can now pay a higher price to get new Apple device.

KITA’s report also shows that Samsung has gone down to the sixth position in China as the largest manufacturer of smartphones. The reason behind this fall down might be the Galaxy Note 7 blast incident. However, a change in the test of Chinese Buyers has also seen as they now prefer to buy local brands made smartphones.

In the report, it has also mentioned that Samsung should have come up with new ideas to keep its position in China or else time will come the company will face more stiff completion from local brands. However, as per globally, Samsung has managed to keep its place as number one smart phone manufacturer. In the month of April and June, Samsung has abled to provide around 89 million smartphones including traditional phones. For which Samsung able to capture 20.5 percent of the global market. But the proud factor is that still, the Samsung is the best mobile seller in the global market among top 500 brands. It is the only Korean company that has made a place in the global brand’s list.In 2016, Samsung was ranked as the third most valuable global brand by Brand Finance.

The company still have some hope to do a success full come back with its new model, i.e., Galaxy Note 8. But at the same time Apple is also going to introduce its new iPhone 8 in the global market soon. Now it will create a strong competition between these two companies.