All are eagerly waiting to get the Apple iPhone X as the phone has a lot of advance features. Even though it is the costliest phone that Apple ever manufactured with a price tag of $1,000, Apple is expecting that it will receive huge bookings at the time of preorder. The preorder process for iPhone X will go live on October 27.  Ming-Chi Kuo, tech analyst has given s statement with KGI Security. As per the statement, apart from its cost, Apple’s iPhone X will gain more demand and in that case, Apple may not have that much of supply chain right now.

Kuo also stated that replacement demand of the iPhone X with other iPhone models will be high as the device has full screen design and face recognition technology. But it has been anticipated that this demand of the consumer will not be fulfilled for now. Apple will take time and till 2018, the demand and supply chain will be the same. As per Kuo’s statement, around 40 million iPhone X will be shipped by 2017 fiscal year and more than 90 million device will be shipped in 2018. The preorder and ship date can be pushed to late October and early November by keeping in mind the sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

On the other side, more people are showing their interest to buy iPhone X rather than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Both the phones are great as they have been highly updated form its last year iPhone model. If compared with Samsung Galaxy Note 8, these phones are much faster than that. But the features that have been loaded in iPhone X may affect the sales of these two iPhone models. The iPhone X has the features that no smartphone has ever had. Meanwhile, the preorder process for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus has gone live on Friday.

According to a technology report published in this week, the iPhone X with its loaded technology and features looks very appealing and will ultimately be far better than the iPhones other models. As the world is moving towards latest technological development, all want the latest technology and features in their phone. The iPhone X has made this possible by getting equipped with the latest OLED stunning smartphone screen, face recognition technology, powerful front facing camera, latest OS processor which will be something new to the people.

With this type of smartphone, Apple has proved itself as a trend setter of personal technology and has laid a foundation for the upcoming generation. People will expect more innovative products from Apple in near future after this launch.