Apple’s newly launched special-edition iPhone X purportedly has the best display ever, according to display tech analysis firm DisplayMate.

The firm took multiple variable into account such as contrast, sharpness, brightness, color accuracy, and more that contribute to the overall quality and image viewing experience, and concluded that the iPhone X has the best smartphone display they’ve ever come across.

According to DisplayMate, the iPhone X “is the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display we have ever tested”.

The report highlights a number of standout features of the Samsung-built, iPhone X screen’s tech and performance. These include the highest absolute color accuracy for any display at 0.9JNCD. The agency further suggests that the handset’s color accuracy “is visually indistinguishable from perfect.”

Elsewhere, Apple’s latest handset recorded an impressively high peak brightness of 634 nits, which DisplayMate suggests is the highest full-screen brightness for OLED smartphones.

In addition, the smartphone bagged an impressive 141-point rating making it the highest full-screen contrast display in ambient light.

“The iPhone X delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier display performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in all of the DisplayMate Lab test and measurement Categories (except for a single Yellow in Brightness Variation with Average Picture Level that applies to all OLED displays),” said DisplayMate.

The agency congratulates both Samsung and Apple for making this happen. Samsung has undeniably been killing it in the display department for quite sometime now. DisplayMate concluded that the Galaxy S7 was the “best” smartphone display on the market in 2016. For its newly launched Galaxy S8 flagship, the agency gave it an A+ rating, its second highest ever, only after the iPhone X.

“First we need to congratulate Samsung Display for developing and manufacturing the outstanding OLED display hardware in the iPhone X. But what makes the iPhone X the Best Smartphone Display is the impressive Precision Display Calibration that Apple developed that transforms the OLED hardware into a superbly accurate, high performance, and gorgeous display,” adds DisplayMate.

If you’re really interested to know about smartphone displays, you can read the full report by clicking the source link below and check out DisplayMate’s in-depth display shootout for the iPhone X.