After creating a buzz with its new iPhone X, Apple has again come to the lime light with its new Apple Park. During the launch event of iPhone X at the new Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, the reporters and people got a chance to look at the new Apple Park which started functioning from April 2017. But the construction of the building has not yet been completed.

Apple Park is also termed as spaceship campus because of its sci-fi design. The construction of the park kick started in 2013 and now if one see’s the result, the outcome can be easily derived.  The construction of the Park was a dream of Steve Jobs. The park has been designed by Nathan Foster.

As per the report, the park has a built up on an area of 175 acres and one headquarter at Apple Park can accommodate around 12,000 employees. Around 1,000 people can sit comfortably in the new Steve Jobs Theater. The theater has been built with the 165-foot cylinder, 20-foot tall glass and the roofing work has been done with carbon fiber.

The park also has a Fitness and Wellness Centre spreading above 100,000 square foot area. The fitness center also has Yoga and dental practice area. Having both above and underground parking facility, the park can provide parking place to 86,000 vehicles.

Apart from the curved glass structure around the park, the ring shaped building has also been equipped with heating and cooling system. The building has been designed in such a way that the inner temperature will stay 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The building has been built with proper ventilation and water tubes are also installed inside the concrete floor. The sloping glass design keeps rain water from coming in.

To make it environment-friendly, more than 9,000 trees have been planted around the Apple Park building. Total nine entrances are created in the building. Its cafe can provide seats to 4,000 people, and the kitchen can serve lunch to 15,000 people.

Adding more to it, Apple will create an Apple store and cafe for the public. It will be made available by the end of this year. Along with it, a retail shop will also be opened in the building.