Along with its 2017 iPhone-lineup, Apple also unveiled its latest smartwatch which comes with LTE capabilities. Equipped with 4G support, the newly launched Apple Watch 3 with cellular connectivity is capable of making calls without being dependent on an iPhone.

That said, sources suggest that the smartwatch won’t work on mobile networks abroad. Now, this means that the new Apple Watch 3 has some connectivity limitations as it won’t support roaming.

Besides, Apple’s official product page also mentions that the watch is not compatible with data roaming networks outside of the country it is bought in.

Apple Watch 3 was officially announced last week during a keynote. It’s the first Apple Watch ever to feature cellular capabilities. With 4G LTE support, the smartwatch can work even without an iPhone to make and receive calls, send messages, and even stream music.

However, it’ll be dependent on an iPhone just like its Gen.1 and Gen. 2 predecessors when on international cellular and data networks.

Apple is yet to comment on this limitation. Besides, it still remains unanswered as to why international roaming is not support on the newly launched Apple Watch 3. The smartwatch goes on sale on September 22 alongside the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus.

The special-edition iPhone X, however, will hit store shelves in November. Prices of the Apple Watch 3 will start from $329, while the LTE capable Apple Watch 3 gets a price tag of $399.

The new Apple Watch 3 get powered by watchOS 4. Apart from the LTE upgrade, the new smartwatch also gets hardware and feature improvements. According to Apple, it comes with a new processor that makes it 70 percent over its predecessors.

Elsewhere, the new Apple Watch 3 comes with Siri digital voice assistant. Another noteworthy upgrade is the new W2 chip for Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, which is said to offer 75 percent faster performance as well as 50 percent improved power efficiency.