Apple has come up with new ideas for us to have healthy hearts. It’s in the form of a new app named Apple Heart Study and will focus on picking up irregularities in the heart beat using sensors the Apple Watch already comes equipped with.

An irregular heart beat is linked to the medical condition known as atrial fibrillation or AFib. This again happens to be one of the single most important factors that lead to heart failure or stroke, leading to even death of the person if not treated on time. AFib is also found to affect no less than 3 million in America alone, with the figure standing at 33.5 million on a worldwide scale.

The Apple Watch features green LED lights that can flash several hundred times every second. Light-sensitive photodiodes thereafter detect how much blood is flowing through the wrist. This way, using info from other sensors the Watch carries; it is able to find out if there are irregularities in the heart rhythms.

Apple also announced it has teamed up with Stanford Medicine to ensure they come up with a fool proof mechanism of detecting potentially harmful heart conditions. The aim is to pick up the signs early enough to help prevent a possible life threatening condition.

Earlier, Apple Watch also benefitted from a new medical device accessory, the KardiaBand electrocardiogram (EKG) reader. Developed by AliveKor, the accessory also happens to be the first to have been approved by the FDA.

Users will be required to touch the sensor that snaps on to a slot on the Watch band. The EKG reading will be available in 30 seconds, which again can be sent to the doctor for further consultation if needed.

Apple had earlier stated it would be focusing on the health monitoring segment to push appeal of its Watch wearables. Now with the launch of the new Heart Study app together with the FDA approved EKG reader, such efforts seems to be bearing fruits already. No doubt these will also lead to better uptake of the Apple Watch, something that has already emerged to be the best seller in its category.