With its latest Galaxy S8 flagships, Samsung has proved itself as the best OLED display maker in the world. That is the reason why Apple depends upon Samsung to supply OLED display for its upcoming iPhone-lineup.

As Samsung is the only supplier of display for iPhone 8, it has made Samsung emerge in a strong position in the market. No other company will be able to produce that quality of display with proper scale and consistency that Samsung produces. On another side, the display of the iPhone 8 is the major thing.

Apple can’t take deviations in quality of its phone. Though LG with its V30 model came back with OLED technology, it has no match with Samsung’s latest model. That is the reason why Samsung is controlling the pricing of the displays which Apple buys from it.

As per official sources, around $120 to $130 is being paid by Apple for per unit of the display. Earlier, Apple was paying around $45 to $55 for iPhone 7’s 5.5 inch LCD. So there is no doubt Apple will set high margin price for iPhones to recover the cost. It has also been heard that Apple is going to set a price tag of $1000 for iPhone 8 making it more expensive. The 64 GB version will come with a price tag of $999, and $1,099 will be for the 246GB Version, and 512GB version will cost $1,999.

So to remove supply constraint, Apple is now looking for some other sources for OLED display. It has also been mentioned in the Korea Economica Daily that Apple is investing around $2 billion for OLED display for its future iPhone in LG Mobiles. It is also rumored that the latest Pixel XL of Google has the screen which is manufactured by LG mobiles.

However, the recent release on this matter has stated that LG will be soon supplying Display to Apple for 2018. As Apple has lost its bargaining power with Samsung, the sole display supplier for Apple iPhone 8, now it is expecting that with this collaboration Apple will now boost its production as well business.