Apple released the final version of iOS 11.2 on the 2nd of December. Following the successful update of the Apple devices, users are finding it difficult to use the latest Apple Pay Cash for a person-to-person payment system that operates via iMessages. The first and foremost thing that the users need to realize is that this peer-to-peer payment system is only accessible for customers residing in the United States. This concludes that you can complete the transaction only if another U.S. resident is a part of the payment circle. The service would be operational even when you are out of US, provided the moment you set up the system, you were in North America.

Now, for the setup part of the Apple Pay Cash, the first things you need to keep in mind is to configure this app in a proper manner. The transaction you need to process should be done by adding money to the virtual card that is available in this wallet based application. The app only works on iPhone 6 or the newer versions of iPhone. To be able to use the wallet app, you need be an adult of minimum 18 years old who has a credit or debit. Along with these basics, you need to have two-factor authentication on your iOS device for maximum security while using this app.

Verifying the Apple Pay Cash account

With Apple Pay Cash account there is a limit of maximum $500 after which you need to verify your identity in order to be able to use the service for future transactions. This $500 limit is applicable to the total of the transactions via sending and receiving the electronic cash. You can verify yourself by accessing the iOS settings app using the last four digits of your social security number. In the settings option, go to the Wallet & Apple Pay, and then tap on the Apple Pay Cash card. Now tap on the Verify Identity option. Here you need to provide your legal name, last four digits of your SNN, date of birth and a photo of your Identity proof like driver’s license or state ID card. Once you get verified, you can carry a maximum of $25,000 on the Apple Pay Card.

The iOS 11.2 is live and available for update and the Apple Pay Cash released with this 2nd major update of iOS 11. However, Apple’s person-to-person payment option is limited to the US users as the system isn’t ready for such a big user base. As per previous plans, the iOS 11.2 was supposed to release on 4th of December but the need to correct the bug in the update forced the makers to release it earlier than planned. Apple Pay Cash wasn’t prepared for an earlier release. It is estimated that this wallet app shall be live for users by 5th of December as confirmed by Apple Support via the Twitter thread that stated that Apple Pay Cash shall be available next week at the earliest.