Due to the entirety of Steve Jobs’ stewardship of the iPhone program, Apple did never release more than one phone a year. In accordance with Job’s theory, a single device must always be capable of striking the right balance of price and features, and introducing more than a single phone in a year is a sure sort way to clutter the lineup.

But with Jobs firmly in the rear-view mirror of the company, the iPhone lineup has been progressing at large speed. First came in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the year 2014, and after just three years, the company released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X within the same quarter. In accordance with yet another analyst report, that three-phone trend is expected to keep going strong in the year 2018.

Amit Daryanani, the RBC Capital Markets analyst, has penned another note suggesting that the company would be releasing three iPhones in the year 2018, all at the same time. There would be a follow-up to the iPhone X (maybe the iPhone X2) a larger iPhone X Plus, and some sort of less expensive plus-sized iPhone with an LCD screen of 6.1-inch.

Amongst those three devices, Daryanani is expecting that the LCD iPhone would sell the best, accounting for about half of all the iPhone production. Daryanani wrote that they thought that the new LCD iPhone (or maybe iPhone 9?) would be featured with a full screen of 6.1, and possibly with a feature of 3D sensing. Daryanani further added that on the basis of their channel checks, they believe that the new features must drive the iPhone 9 sell-through, provided the pricing is quite reasonable. He further wrote that in addition to it, they think that there is a huge potential for a larger-capacity battery as the new features are added to the iPhones.

In a note that was received earlier, Daryanani was witnessed making suggestions that the iPhone 9 would mark a cost around 650 dollars or 700 dollars, in line with the current iPhone 8. It is a price cut of sorts, however, as the company has never sold a big-screen iPhone for less than 749 dollars. The normal-sized iPhone X2 would even get a price cut in comparison to the current iPhone X, and end up around 899 dollars, making it much more competitive with the Galaxy S9 (800 dollars at most carriers).

Now, having a check on the other big takeaway from the note depicts that the iPhone X demand has been well under what the suppliers of the tech company ever expected. As written by Daryanani, on the basis of their channel checks with the suppliers, they believe that the current production expectation for the new iPhones is ~80-90M units for the second half calendar of the year 2018, which is below the expectation of the suppliers, that is ~100-120M units for iPhone 8/X in early 2017. He further added that they, however, would note in comparison to the very optimistic expectation for the iPhone 8/X sell-through, the supply chain partners now have a much more subdued expectation.