According to an update provided by MacBook Pro line on 7th June at the WWDC 2017, the Pro versions have been upgraded with a faster and smoother Kaby Lake processor. This update was instilled just eight months after the launch of the Touch Bar MacBook Pro in October 2016. However, the update couldn’t please everyone.

Apple device enthusiasts hoped that the RAM cap would be amped up to 32GB. Rumors suggested that the low-power performance would be improved with an Apple-designed chip which wasn’t seen in the update as well. Jony Ive, Apple’s head of design admitted that he was aware of the disappointment as well as criticism associated with the MacBook models in November this year.

In a statement released by Smithsonian Magazine’s Future of Design event in Washington DC in December, Ive quoted: “Absolutely, all of your feelings and feedback around the MacBook you use, we couldn’t want to listen to more… And we hear – boy, do we hear.”

Apple’s new plans for the Mac Pro:

In a press meet on April 2017 at the Product Realization Lab, Apple made a list of announcements that opened up a lot of insights about the Mac line which revealed many upcoming changes as well as the fact that Apple has been working on a major revamp to modify the Mac Pro. Apple didn’t specify any details related to the Mac Pro on the stage but confirmed that the company is on the path to provide a makeover to the Mac Pro coming up in the future years. The device shall be specifically designed for users who require high-end technologies packed in a modular design along with a high-end pro display.

Launch Date:

According to the statements provided by Apple in the year 2017, the upcoming year seems to be the time set by the company for the launch of a new Mac Pro. Apple hasn’t confirmed the same officially. The launch will most likely coincide with WWDC 2018. This date will mark an exact five years term after Apple successfully launched the recent Mac Pro.

External Designs:

According to sources, Apple has been given a patent for the Mac Pro, especially for the structural and organizational part of its internal components as well as external interfaces that would help with a compact computing system.

New Mac Pro Specifications:

According to speculations, Mac Pro will be based on a modular system. This means that the components of the device can be upgraded as per the choice of the user. Current Mac Pros can be configured up to 3.5GHz with a Xeon E5 processor for a six-core option. For an 8-core option, the same is configurable up to 3.0GHz, and 12-core option provides the option of up to 2.7GHz. Users can expect an 18-core option along with a 4.2GHz or similar Turbo Boost. The benchmarks of the Mac Pro suggested a packing of Intel Core i9 7900X processor.

The Mac Pro could also house connectivity of up to 4K displays. The device might also flaunt a Dual Gigabit Ethernet along with an HDMI 1.4 UltraHD along with combined optical digital audio output and analog line-out mini-jack. HDMI port, Multichannel audio output, and a built-in speaker system might make up the features of Mac Pro. The Mac Pro might also house AMD Radeon Vega range for the Mac Pro.

Storage Option:

The iMac Pro is designed to offer 1TB SSD which is configurable up to 4TB SSD. So the users can expect a similar option for the Mac Pro as well. Apart from that the Mac Pro might offer a 32GB ECC memory that might be configurable up to 64GB or 128GB which is similar to the iMac Pro.