Apple is once again staring defeat in its fight against VirnetX over the latter’s allegations of wilful infringement of several of its patents. The said technologies have gone on to power some of Apple’s most used features such as iMessages and FaceTime video conferencing app.

In its latest ruling handed down by the US District Judge in Texas, Apple stands to pay $439.7 million in damages to VirnetX, MacRumors reported. The amount includes $41 million for wilful infringement of the patents while another $91 million takes into account attorney fees and related charges.

The amount however is still higher than the $302.4 million that Apple was ordered to pay in the same case in August last year. That makes for almost $140 million more than what has been slapped on to the damages this time.

That said, the present ruling that has fixed the damages to $439.7 million is still quite a bit lower than the $625.6 million that another verdict had asked Apple to pay. The February 2016 verdict however was nullified on the ground that it was on the basis of combining two lawsuits into one. The judge then ruled that treating the two lawsuits as one led to confusion among jurors and could have provided undue advantage to VirnetX.

However, notwithstanding the several ups and downs that the court case has been through so far, what can’t be ignored is that VirnetX has registered three successive wins against Apple. The Cupertino giant however seems undeterred and said they will still file an appeal against the present ruling. The case has already dragged on for seven years and it seems it is poised for logging in a few more in the process. VirnetX has first sued Apple back in 2010.

Meanwhile, the United States District Court in the southern state of Texas has also emerged the most favored destination for filing patent cases. The court is seen to be most friendly for such disputes with several judgements favoring companies that make a living by licensing patents.