Apple is designing and making its own Apple device displays for the first time in its history. Apple Inc. is believed to have a secret manufacturing facility in California. The company is making a small number of its device screens for experimental purpose, according to some sources. Apple watch is said to be the first product with MicroLED technology.

Apple is investing a huge amount in making of next-generation MicroLED screens. The MicroLED screens are made of different light-emitting compounds. These screens are said to make future gadgets slimmer, brighter and less use of power. The screens of MicroLED is more difficult to produce than the screens of OLED displays. The engineers of Apple are making a remarkable progress in this field and the technology is on advanced stage. The users have to wait a few more years before they can see this MicroLED displays on their devices.

The new MicroLED Apple Watch prototypes are not yet fully functional. The screen portions are said to be connected to an external computer. The MicroLED screens are brighter than the screens of the OLED displays. Executives of Apple have given a go-ahead to the program for the next two years with the aim of seeing MIcroLED screens in products.

The Apple facility is now assembling prototype MicroLED screens for attaching the screens to the glass. An underlying component which powers the displays is developed at the Taiwan facility. It is said that Apple is designing its own thin-film transistors and screen drivers.

The making of own screens by Apple has hurt the suppliers like Samsung Electronics Co., Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp, and LG Display Co. The drop of shares in Japan Display is 4.4 percent, Sharp drop by 3.3 percent and Samsung by 1.4 percent.