Apple new operating system iOS 11.3 is going to release and with this, the pressure is on the company. The Apple faces the biggest iPhone scandal to date and it is working continuously to fix this serious bug before the release of the OS. The OS also gives Apple one big advantage over other OS.

Apple’s iOS 11.3 is going to play an important role when it comes to battery transparency. This update can give details about the breakdown of the users iPhone,iPad or heath of iPad touch battery, degradation of the battery over time, performance options and reminders to change your battery. No mobile operating system or desktop system can have this feature.

The company is facing about 60 class action lawsuits in America from its rapidly declining health of the battery in Apple devices. This pressure has forced Apple to adapt to a new technology and it changes the whole technology industry. When iOS 11.3 will be released it will bring a huge uproar among the other operating systems such as Android users. It is expected that the Android users will be demanding the same feature in their devices to show the health of the battery of their Android smartphones and tablets. Windows user will also be demanding the same thing. This thing will step up the technology upgrade in other OS. This will bring the nightmare to these companies.

The battery life issue is present on every smartphone, tablet, and laptop. They affect the performance of every device. The coming of iOS 11.3 will change this issues and will bring a revolutionary change in battery segments.This will help us by alerting the user about the battery degradation and estimating the right time to change the degraded battery. It will help to increase the device longevity.