Apple launched the iPhone X on September 12 along with new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones in a grand event at its new Steve Jobs Theatre. Although iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were the upgraded version of the popular and powerful iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, but iPhone X gathered all the attention. It overshadowed the popularity of other iPhones by its new bezel-less looks and high-tech features.

After its launch, there is a war ongoing in the tech world regarding the positive and negative aspects of iPhone X. But that did not deter its popularity, and it was demanded heavily across the world. So to help you get the best out of this high-tech and feature-filled iPhone X, here are some best iPhone X tips and tricks you should follow to master the futuristic smartphone.

How to see the battery percentage

As the iPhone X’s status bar is split into both sides due to the presence of the notch, there is no way you can see the battery percentage in the status bar. So, to see the battery percentage, you need to look at the Control center and after that just swipe down from the upper-right side of the notch.

Activate Siri by clicking the down Side Button

Siri Assistant is a very important feature of iPhone X and to activate it you just need to push the downside button the situated on the right side of the device.

Double tap the side button to open Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a great and easy way of sending money or paying for your purchases. You just need to double-click the side button situated on the right side of iPhone X to open Apple Pay.

Create a Virtual Home button

As everybody knows the home button has been removed from the iPhone X hence if the user wants to have the home button then he/she needs to create a virtual one with the help of AssistiveTouch. This can help you get rid of the frequent swipes and side button presses.

Quickly show the App switcher

Normally, to get the app switcher, you have to go to the bottom of the screen, and drag upwards and pause for a second until the app card shows up. But to go to App switcher quickly, you have to quickly swipe up and then to the side (in either direction), just like an upside down ‘L’shape and you see the app cards get quickly pop up on the screen. Just practice a little bit, and you will be able to bring the app switcher in a flash.

Latest iPhone X

To get to the Cover Sheet

Readers may note that the Cover Sheet on iPhone X is nothing but the Notification Centre. So to go the Cover Sheet, you need swipe down from the “left ear” present at the top of the device. The left year is the area to the left of the notch.

Activate the Animoji and master it

Animoji is the custom animated messages. It can be created with your facial expressions by using the Face ID system. First, you have to open the message box, then tap on the App store icon an then select the icon of the monkey with its mouth open. Then select an Animoji and touch and hold the record icon or tap on the Animoji to send the animated photo. Normally, Animoji is limited for 10 seconds, but using this pro technique, you can record Animoji videos of up to 110 seconds. You can send pictures and videos of Animoji through iMessage.

Fasten up Face ID

Sometimes, you will see that Face ID will be comparatively slower to receive when you take the phone out of your pocket or back. So, to speed up the FaceID, you should make sure that “Raise to wake” is activated. You can do this by going to Settings > Display & Brightness.

Close or quit the apps

In Previous iPhones, you had to force close the apps by opening the app switcher, searching the app you need to close and then swiping upward on its App card. But iPhone X the process is little different. You need to bring the app switcher as explained above, then press and hold anywhere on the pack of app cards. Then either you can swipe up on an app you want to close, or you can tap on the little red circle close button in the upper left part of each card to close the app.

You can watch this video tour of iPhone X from Apple:

To get the best out of your new iPhone X, you need to master the new gestures and commands of iPhone X. Basically, the phone wants you to swipe more and more and get more used to the side buttons. As there is no home button and the presence of the Notch splits the status, you will find it awkward to use the iPhone X initially. But once you follow these tips and tricks then you will get mastery over the iPhone X.