Production delays are almost synonymous with every iPhone launches. However, things are likely to only escalate further this time round what with a new report claiming the iPhone X is yet to hit the production lines, and is unlikely to do so before the second half of October.

If the above timelines are even remotely true, expect the iPhone X to remain in short supply for the remaining of the year, or maybe even for weeks in the next year as well. Apple had earlier announced pre-orders for the iPhone X will be open from October 27, with deliveries slated to begin from November 3.

However, if the report compiled by Chris Caso, a chip analyst for Raymond James Investment Services is to be believed, Apple will just have about two weeks of stock to disperse on the opening day. Caso said he has based his assumption on a reality check with the supply chain network and came across several hurdles that are hampering production of the anniversary iPhone model.

The Apple iPhone X is clearly one of the best things the tech world has seen this year, and won’t likely see a competitor for the rest of the year as well. That so far as the looks and features of the device is concerned, and also takes into account the Pixel 2 range due out early next month. However, leaks and rumors have pointed to the next gen Pixels to continue with a conventional design theme, thus ensuring an unassailable edge for the iPhone X.

With a unique edge-to-edge display along with landmark new features such as Face ID, Animoji and renewed focus on AR, the iPhone X is no doubt the toast of the entire tech town. That the iPhone X marks the tenth anniversary of the model is also reason enough for many an Apple loyalist to pin their faith on the model. This notwithstanding the $999 price tag it comes with, or that there is the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also on offer.

However, while the iPhone X is commanding respect from even those owing allegiance to rival camps – read Android fans – unavailability of the same within a reasonable timeframe again can be frustrating for even the most die-hard of Apple fans.

Also, with Samsung usually sticking to a spring launch window for its Galaxy S series of flagship phones, expect the rumor streams to begin reporting on the S8 successor by the beginning of next year itself. While Apple fanboys might still be ready to weather the delay and remain loyal to the iPhone X, the fence sitters might wait out to see if the next Galaxy S flagship turns out to be equally alluring, if not more.

If that be the case, Apple might end up losing a good few prospective buyers of its iPhone X. This unless it is able to iron out the constraints that is holding out mass production of the iPhone X at the moment.