Its shouldn’t be seen as plain marketing-speak when Apple claimed its new iPhone X has the potential to set the tone for other smartphone makers to follow, just as the first iPhone launched in 2007 did. For if not by its sheer looks, the new iPhone X has what it takes to fall in love with the device all over again thanks to its expansive feature set.

Mentioned here are five of the most innovative features that made its debut with the iPhone X.

  1. Face ID: If the iPhone 5S taught us to use our fingers to unlock the phone, it is now the entire face that has become the password with the iPhone X. Also, the unlocking process couldn’t have been simpler as all you need to do is look at your iPhone X to unlock it. While there is an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work that makes it possible, backed by some of the most advanced technologies ever to be integrated in a mobile device, it is the simplicity and spontaneity of the process that blows us off our feet.
  2. Animoji: No more plain emoji that played out a fixed particular animation every time. Instead, Apple has come up with what Apple describes as the animated emoji, or animoji for short. Interestingly, it too is backed by the same technology that powers FaceID, with the front cam used to track your expressions and feeding the same to the 3D emoji. The result is incredible as you see the emoji take on your own emotion and expressions, enough to add your true character to any of your online conversations, not to mention the fun aspect of it as well.
  3. OLED full-screen display: For the first time ever an iPhone is donning an OLED panel, and how! With the display spanning all the way to the edges, together with the richness and depth of OLED, viewing images, watching videos or playing games, just about anything with the iPhone X seems so much more lively.
  4. Selfie: Apple has introduced some cool new software features to make selfies more fun than it has ever been. The new Portrait Mode being one of them wherein you get to blur the background so that it is only you or the subject that is at focus.
  5. New UI optimization: The home button has gone but Apple has ensured you won’t miss its demise by introducing enough changes to the user interface. And the changes again are simple and intuitive so that you won’t have to develop any exotic habits to get started with the iPhone X. Take for instance a simple swipe-up operation will be enough to land you in the home screen and such.