It is just a few months left for the iPhone 8 to launch though there still seem quite a few issues that the anniversary iPhone version could be bogged down with.

According to Fast Company that claims to have reliable information on it, the issues that Apple could be facing with the iPhone 8 range from wireless charging and under-screen fingerprint sensor integration to OLED supply bottlenecks.

As things stand now, Apple has already been criticised for not integrating wireless charging on the iPhone, a feature that has long been standard on competing phones. Apple is also believed to have ditched the usual metal construction of its iPhone to a glass back to facilitate wireless charging. However, even that does not seem to have sorted things out so far.

The integration of the Touch ID sensor under the front display too seems to be posing a challenge to Apple. And the latest report from Fast Company hasn’t anything exciting to share, claiming the iPhone maker still not sure about the best place to position the fingerprint sensor.

As for the supply of the OLED panels, the report claims Apple to have been forced to turn to arch rivals Samsung for the same. If that is not all, the front 3D cam too is believed to be causing sleepless nights for the iPhone 8 team. The 3D camera is designed to provide for facial recognition as a means to unlock the phone.

However, with both Touch ID and 3D cam posing serious challenges, Apple could be forced to go for some tough decisions. Those range from either pushing back the launch or release a half-baked device with subsequent software updates making the rest of the features functional.

Meanwhile, in another Fast Company finding, the iPhone 8 is tipped to include 3D laser technology as part of its rear camera setup. The laser technology will allow for better and faster depth perception, something that will allow for better photography besides assisting in enhanced performance of augmented reality feature as well.

For Apple, the iPhone 8 is not just about an important milestone for a device that led to the birth of an entirely new computing segment. Rather, the device will also be a measure of the company’s ability to take forward the iPhone lineage into whole new strata in the post-Jobs era.