Last September, Apple launched its iPhone X flagship, and now the company is focusing on its other products, especially the iPads. As per rumors, the tech-giant with its headquarters at Cupertino has essentially figured out a method to secure an increase in sales for its 2018 iPad that comes as a cheaper variant of the 9.7-inch family line of iPads. This particular move is similar to the 9.7-inch budget iPad that was launched earlier this year.

In a report by DigiTimes, it is suggested that Apple might be trying out its luck once again by launching one more 9.7-inch iPad device scheduled for release in 2018. This new 2018 version is estimated to be cheaper than that of the 2017 version which was priced at $329. The published report also suggests that the company might have finally opted to sell the iPad at a more marketable cost by conveniently bringing down the overall price. This would attract a lot of customers, especially the ones which a tight budget as the premium tablet shall be available at a cheaper price tag.

This move by Apple has been perceived as a solution to cope up with the challenging drop of iPad sales in the last three years. The iPad units have faced a steady decline with high losses being recorded between the years 2013-2014. However, the $329 iPad variant has started the increase in sales growth along with the introduction of iPad Pro 2017.

The news is yet to be verified by the company about the 9.7-inch iPad 2018 variant which shall come as a successor of the 2017 budget iPads. There is a greater chance that the $259 variant shall be sold along with the $329 variant and not as a replacement of the latter. Although some features might be altered in the new variant to match the price, the iPad Pro 2018 shall flaunt almost same specifications as the one released in 2017.

Another speculation has been making the run as Apple is expected to unveil its next flagship handset just after the iPhone X along with the iPad Pro 2018. Apart from this, the company’s first smart speaker, HomePod was supposed to release this year along with the next budget edition for the iPhone SE 2.