Apple might soon introduce a budget alternative to its iPad with a 9.7-inch iPad by next year. The starting price of this upcoming device is estimated to be $70 cheaper than the already existing ones. In March this year, Apple released its most affordable iPad yet with starting price set at $329 and a big 9.7-inch screen. This device had the specifications similar to iPad Air 2 but came with a thicker as well as heavier enclosure.

2018 iPad Price & Release Date

According to sources, the upcoming 2018 version of the iPad that comes with the same 9.7-inch screen shall cost much less than its predecessor. The cost would range somewhere close to $259. This new affordable option has been designed to attract more customers who require a cost-effective version of Apple’s iPad. Apple also plans to maintain its total shipment scenario of 10 million units a quarter by the introduction of this budget iPad.

The introduction of this new device would turn the tables in the tablet market competition field. The manufacturers expected to be affected most by this are Amazon, Samsung Electronics, Huawei, and Lenovo. Apart from introducing the new iPad to regular consumers, Apple is also on a path to expand the application of its products in the industrial as well as service sectors. The gross earnings of Apple in November as outlined by the company were a double-digit growth in the iPad sales for the second quarter of the year. In June, the company reported a 15 percent increase in the sales in comparison to the previous year. The revenue generation for iPad went up by 2 percent gradually each year which meant that Apple has started marketing a lot of affordably priced 9.7-inch iPads.

The first few months of the year 2017 reported a huge worldwide decline in the sales of the tablet for a tenth consecutive quarter as gathered from year by year statistics. The news of this downfall in sales was reported in May following which Apple stated that it experienced a decrease in the sale from 10.2 million iPads during the same period previous year to an 8.9 million sale this year. This event marked the 13th straight quarter that Apple sold fewer iPads every year.

The new upcoming iPad has been planned to stop the gradual decline in the year after year sale by decreasing the price of the 9.7-inch iPad. As cited by various sources, Apple is most likely to outsource the new product to Compal Electronics. The PCB orders of the device shall be given to Compaq and Unitech Printed Circuit Board. As of now, the companies have been declining to comment on any such order or client data.