The latest iOS 11 happens to be a significant improvement over iOS 10, one that befits the new range of powerful and advanced hardware – read iPhone X or the iPad Pro – that it provides support for. There are quite a few new features that make the latest iOS version stand out from the rest, notably in the field of augmented reality or an overall ease of doing things.

Mentioned here are what can be considered to be the five best features of iOS 11.

Augmented Reality: Apple is never in the race to launch anything new, but when it launches something, expect it to be fairly matured and polished. Same goes to AR and the credit for making it mainstream for the first time goes to Apple of course. The latest iOS 11 comes with integrated support for AR and aims to make the most of the hardware features the new iPhone X comes with, allowing you to superimpose virtual objects on to real world things.

Possible application areas are varied as they range from fun and entertainment to business and productivity. Expect a deluge of supporting apps as well that will open up new possibilities with AR like never before.

Animoji: This also can be seen as another showpiece feature of iOS 11, one that leverages on Apple’s new found AR love. So while emoji used to be largely static, Apple changed the rules of the games once and for all by introducing animated emoji, something that it fondly refers to as animoji. Also, it is your emotions and style that ultimately is fed to the emoji to make it seem like an extension of you, but in a fun and entertaining manner. No doubt your chat conversations will never be the same again.

Do not disturb while driving: Smartphones happens to be one of the biggest distractions to have while driving. Not anymore with the new iOS 11 that can automatically detect when you are driving and blocks out most notifications to let you concentrate on driving alone. However, if you happen to be a passenger, you can always cancel the feature with a single tap. You also have the option to send out a message when you are unable to take any calls while the ‘Do not disturb while driving’ feature is enabled.

Messages to now support payments: You can now send or receive money via Messages thanks to the new iOS 11 update. This makes for a fast and secure mode of monetary transaction. You can even ask Siri to make a payment, which again can be done using debit or credit cards saved in the Wallet.

New App Store: The App Store gets a makeover with the new iOS 11, one that Apple claims will help you discover new apps easily. Plus, there are more details to be seen as well, including interviews or information about the developers. This should further help you have a better understanding of the app you wish to download.