Though Apple iOS 11.3 was meant to be a big hit, its introduction of some new genuinely crucial features was overshadowed by a litany of bugs. However, the iOS 11.3.1 is here and the question is, whether it possibly can fix all these problems without causing new ones. Most probably, the answer may be “No.”

Like the past iOS 11 releases, iOS 11.3.1 is compatible with the iPad mini 2 or later, iPhone 5S or later, and the 6th gen iPod touch or later. Apple automatically would prompt all the compatible iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch models to install the update. If this has not happened to any device, the users could trigger it manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

All iOS updates differ in size, but the iOS 11.3.1 is surprisingly small coming in at only around 50MB. If any user is upgrading from iOS 10 (or even iOS 9), they must remember that iOS 11.3.1 would roll up all the iOS 11 releases into a single big upgrade that would be several gigabytes.

Speaking about the mandatory jailbreak warning, the iOS 11.3.1 would break jailbroken iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch. Google released the iOS 11.2.2 exploit details in the month of December that many thought would result in faster jailbreaks for the future iOS releases, but that has not yet happened.

Regarding the initial iOS 11.3.1 stability reports, there is good news as well as bad news. The good news is that so far reports of new issues are isolated, though it is worth keeping an eye on a new headphone bug and some App Store Purchase issues. The bad news is that the iOS 11.3.1 is not the update that was needed. It addresses just one iOS 11.3 issue and as such is meeting a hostile response from the users who are suffering from the myriad of unpatched problems introduced by the iOS 11.3. While the company is famed for quietly introducing fixes for problems it rather did not gain widespread attention, taking a month to fix officially just a single bug is not good enough.

More positively, the iOS 11.3.1 does bring in some security improvements in accordance with Apple’s official security page for the update. Four bugs are removed, two of which were more serious letting arbitrary code be run in WebKit.

It is an easy call to make with iOS 11.3.1, since it does nothing but fixes a lone bug introduced in iOS 11.3, only those running iOS 11.3 need apply. That being said, as much as the users are frustrated by the lack of fixes in iOS 11.3.1, it is iOS 11.3 that is the real villain for introducing so many issues after more than 60 days of public beta testing. Nevertheless, while it was not expected for iOS 11.3.1 to be able to remove them all (as there are so many), waiting a month for just one patch is poor.

With the iOS 11.3.1 being mostly a non-event, now the pressure increases on the iOS 11.4 that already is in beta testing ( The iOS 11.3.1 was not beta tested publicly or with the developers). That is unlikely to launch for at least another month.