Apple will be soon launching new iOS 11.3 for its iPhones and iPads. Apple has given the warning to end all 32-bit iOS apps. The 32-bit apps may be slowing down your devices, but with the release of iOS 10.3, it confirmed that the end of 32-bit is near. You can check the comparability of the 32-bit apps on your iPhone or iPad by clicking on Settings>General>About>Applications.

The oldest Apple device which runs iOS 10  like iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPad 4 will not support iOS 11.3. Before going for the upgrade you should see the risk that involves while upgrading to iOS11.3. The update may have some bugs which may result in losing some of your data. This is important to keep your data back-up before going for the update. The operating system iOS 11.3 will not need much space as the space its predecessors need.

When you will update with iOS11.3, you need to give your iCloud password so to reconnect with all photos and data. If your iTunes backup is in encrypted form, then you need a password if something went wrong.

The Apple devices may not work properly after update. The device which is first wiped and then reloaded with new iOS seems to be working faster. The issues which usually arises after the iOS update like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi seem to be less. This process of updating iOS is very irritating.

When the new operating system of Apple iOS 11.3 will come, you can expect few more updates to iOS 11.3 in the coming weeks. This small update is to make the operating system free of minor bugs that may be there in the first phase.