Apple is engulfed in another legal battle, as the company is now being sued by five users in the US for intentionally slowing down older iPhone models. Customers who’ve filed a federal lawsuit hail from different parts of the United States and are seeking an unspecified amount of money in damages.

Two of them are from Illinois, one from Indiana, one from North Carolina, and the other from Ohio. The plaintiffs said that the company’s practise of slowing down older iPhones is “deceptive, immoral, and unethical”, as they tamper with consumer protection laws. Attorney James Vlahakis who’s representing all plaintiffs, suggests that Apple should have been more transparent about the issue.

“Corporations have to realize that people are sophisticated and that when people spend their hard-earned dollars on a product they expect it to perform as expected,” said attorney James Vlahakis. “Instead, Apple appears to have obscured and concealed why older phones were slowing down.”

Apple has officially confirmed slowing down of older iPhones in order to prevent abrupt shutdowns due to degraded batteries. Though in the lawsuit, Apple has been accused of forcing consumers to purchase newer and expensive iPhone models when a replacement battery could have allowed customers to use their older iPhones.

Allegations over slowing down of older iPhone models have been circulating on the web for quite some time now. However, series of benchmarks tests revealed that performance is actually reduced depending on the level of battery degradation.

Earlier this week, Apple officially acknowledged the situation of slowing down of older iPhones to prevent sudden shutdowns. Though it appears Apple’s statement that it does this on purpose didn’t go well with customers. As apart from a federal lawsuit, consumers are also making threats that they’ll switch to Android as iPhones don’t have long-term value even after costing a bomb.