Apple announced the Beta 5 build of iOS 11.2 is out now for both developers and public testers, raising hopes of some of the promised features of iOS 11 likely being part of it. The best part of it though is that Apple Pay Cash already forms part of the update, as has already been mentioned in the Apple Support Site.

As mentioned in the support page, anyone opting to make good of Apple Pay Cash will need to have a device running at least iOS 11.2 Beta 2. Other usual restrictions also apply, such as the user requiring to be at least 18 years of age, should be living in the US, besides having a compatible card as well.

The Apple Pay Cash has been one of the most anticipated new features with the new update, one that promises to open up new vistas of convenience so far as online payment via iOS mobile devices are concerned. The unique aspect of the payment mode is that it can be done from within the Messages app itself. Apple would also be keen to see its Pay Cash mode launched before the Holiday season itself to capitalise on the shopping craze of the season.

The other important change that the latest iOS 11.2 Beta 5 update promises include faster wireless charging though this applies to only the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices, those being the only iPhones to support this mode of charging as of now.

Yet another new feature addition to iOS 11.2 is the ability for the user to control AirPlay 2 from within Control Center itself. That way, you can exercise independent control over several playback devices simultaneously, which is important in a setup where there are multiple AirPlay 2 devices in operation. This also assumes significance in light of the impending launch of the Apple HomePod smart speakers scheduled towards the end of the year.

These apart, the latest update also comes with the usual dose of bug fixes and tweaks. What also makes the latest update so special is the fact that none of the previous builds introduced new features, those being centered mostly on improving stability and eliminating bugs.