“Apocalyptic scenes”: Giant hailstones destroy homes in Italy

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Large hailstones caused extensive damage in Veneto. © Facebook/Meteo Bassano and Pedemontana del Grappa

Roller Coaster Summer causes one storm after another in the Alps. Heavy hail fell north of Venice.

Updated from July 20, 9:42 pm: It is clear that the scale of the hail is very destructive. Luca Zaia, head of the Veneto region, who is in constant contact with civil protection and rescue services, told the news agency. Ansa Known: “The number of injured due to hail, falls and broken glass has risen to 110. Thanks again to the rescue workers and technicians who intervened immediately after the events, doing repairs and documenting the damage during these hours.”

The injured were hit directly by large hail or flying glass fragments, and a repairman was seriously injured when he fell from the roof of his house. Roofs and facades of houses were pierced by hail. Entire harvests of vegetables, crops, orchards and vineyards were destroyed, according to Jaya, greenhouses were also smashed and trade fair structures badly damaged.

Heavy hail ravaged the area between Lake Garda and the west and north of Venice around 11 p.m. The reason was loud Water online Multiple Supercells – Large storm clouds capable of causing severe damage.

“Apocalyptic scenes”: Giant hail destroys cars and walls in Italy

First Report: Bassano del Grappa – The town of Bassano del Grappa (population 43,395) is located north of Venice at the exit of the Brenta River from the Vicentine Alps. The idyllic town is known for its Mark schnapps and other alcoholic specialties, and Prosecco is also made from grapes in the Monte Grappa hills.

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Italy was hit by heavy hail on Wednesday evening (July 19). Huge hailstones, larger than palms, shattered car windows and tore holes in house walls. The hailstones were eight to ten centimeters in size. Many trees fell due to the simultaneous storm. Agriculture was also damaged. Video shows hailstorm severely damaging an orchard. Several firemen were deployed. The scientific website “Meteo Bassano e Pedemontana del Grappa” writes on Facebook: “Truly apocalyptic scenes! The most destructive hail in our territory for decades!” In South Tyrol, two cable cars fell to the ground due to the storm.

Hail was strong in the north-east of the city. The storm then moved southward where it continued to rage. Areas around Venice and Sioux were also affected.

Severe weather in Italy: the reasons are hotly discussed on social networks

Users reported on Facebook: “It was like an earthquake.” Another writes: “I stopped eating my dinner and thought there was a truck downstairs. A noise you’ve never heard before.” “It’s amazing, it makes you cry”, others find. “It was very disturbing,” said one user.

A car was severely damaged by hail.
Car windows were shattered by hail. © Facebook/Meteo Bassano and Pedemontana del Grappa

Another user calmly and matter-of-factly explains that hail is associated with high humidity in the Adriatic Sea, previous heat from the Sahara to the edge of the Alps, and grains of sand turning into snow crystals. Earlier in the day, a storm caused considerable damage in South Tyrol, Austria and Bavaria.

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