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Anne Will: Habeck: Robert Habeck fears Putin will not stop – politics


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War broke out in central Europe: streams of refugees in Germany, rocket attacks just before the Polish border. Ann Will warns: “Attack on Ukraine – how will Putin’s war end?”


Robert Hebeck (52, green). The vice president wants to get out of Putin’s blackmail energy pliers in the fall.

Dimitro Guleba (40) The Foreign Minister of Ukraine has been making clear demands to the Central Government.

Lars Klingbeel (44) SPD leader praised Schrder’s campaign for Putin. Radio silence since then. Any information today?

Claudia Major (45) Political scientist warns that Putin’s goal is to establish a slave state in Ukraine.

Katya Petrovskaya (52) The writer comes from Kiev and begs for help for his bleeding homeland.

Roderick Keyswetter (58) CDU politician and retired colonel demands: “Tighten barriers and increase pressure. Waiting for suffering and death to come is not an option!”

Those who understand Putin should be out today. The Zoff-o-meter remains questionable.

Bitter criticism

“If we take action that is considered wrong, we will not get caught up in the action,” Habek warns on his monitor. “Under no circumstances should we give Putin victory, because we must withdraw the measures because they cannot be overcome.”

But the economy minister continued: “Even in the case of coal, oil and gas, we are gradually becoming more independent. Not right away. It’s bitter, it’s morally good to admit it, but we can not do it yet.

Stupid answer

The talk show host immediately put a needle in a haystack: “Honestly, considering the suffering of the people in Ukraine, it is not good ‘morally good!’

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“In this situation, ‘what can come’ is a phrase that does not work because you do not know what is going to happen,” the minister encourages. “‘Come what may’ is a phrase that does not work in situations where it constantly crosses the red lines.” Seriously?

Very satisfactory report

“Germany’s support for the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian civilians in its potential is prudent and consistent.

His balance sheet: “In the summer we were able to do without coal from Russia, and by the end of the year we would have done the same with oil. As a result, the federal government, the companies, I work. ” Boom!

Dark threat background

“If you flip the switch right now, there will be delivery disruptions in Germany, and even delivery disruptions,” Hebeck warns.

Commenting on the CDU / CSU’s request to close North Stream 1, the Minister said: “It does not matter which pipeline the gas comes from. Going further, the higher the profit that Cosprom then achieves, the higher the fees or taxes to be subject to. That’s what the European Union does, and that’s what we do. ” Oops!

Docmaster’s Anne WillPhoto: NDR / Wolfgang Borrs

Clear note with wallet

“Today the Built newspaper announced that it has an idea to introduce a tank discount to Christian Lindner. Do you agree with that?” The talk show host wants to know next.

The Minister immediately scolds a medium-heavy media: “On the one hand when a newspaper demands: it should be banned immediately, on the other hand if it complains about high prices, it is difficult to add!” He murmurs. Hmmm, maybe not even an energy tax cut?

Fantastic co-worker sewing

“People will get higher heating bills this year,” Hebeck predicted. “But electricity is just as expensive as refueling.”

“Relief efforts need to be comprehensive,” he lectures. “They need to be linked to performance measures and always need a market-based signal. It needs to be stored. All three actions on Christian Lindner’s list have not yet been shown. We can do a little better there.” Boom!

Very subtle recommendation

Talk show host Zoff realizes: “Then does it not agree with you?” She asks.

“Well, there are a lot of recommendations in the market,” the minister dismisses. “Everyone is saying what it means to them now. I think it’s wise to sit down and do everything right and make the right decisions. ” Wow. In the cabinet for example?

Hot question

“Instead of deciding that Germany will no longer participate in funding Putin’s war, release civilians,” Will Snapps said. “Is this your response to the suffering of the Ukrainian people?”

“We have made decisions that no federal government has made in recent decades!”, Hebeck proudly protested.

The most amazing explanation

Arms supply and sanctions include: “We are doing a great thing,” the minister said. So cut off the branch on which you are sitting. “

The next question finally made him slip: is Germany doing everything it can to stop Putin? “It’s true we will not do everything,” Hebeck replied, much to the team’s surprise.

Because, the minister continued: “There is no restriction on the export of Russian wheat or food, that is … wheat, or sunflower, or rapeseed.” Heidevitska!

The most questionable analysis

“Putin is trying to pursue regional politics in the wake of the Tsarist empire, and we know only from imperialism that the borders are moving,” Hapek explains.

His sober forecast: “After Ukraine, if he escapes this war, I do not see that it will stop. It seems to me a model and an irrational form of government age.

Most emotional complaints

“What else should happen?” Then the Ukrainian asks very pessimistically. “Should 100,000 people have died to say that now the sky should be closed and everything that can be closed immediately should be closed? The problem is that he only understands Putin’s strength. If we hesitate, we will pay more for this war every day! ”

“Emotion is something that eats us as politicians,” the SPD leader admits, moving openly. At a refugee shelter in his constituency, he asked for “incredible rules.” “Everyone in government” is “overly emotional”, but “in the end it’s one thing to consider the next step.”

Then the Zoff-o-meter starts

“We have to turn off the money for Putin!” The CDU kernel requests. “If Putin turns off the pipe, we have to live with it. Why not do it ourselves already this year?”

The SPD leader chooses a one-party tactical counter-attack: “With due respect to his colleague Keyswetter: now the union prime ministers are beginning to sign on the fuel price issue, taking selfie videos in front of petrol stations.”

“Tobias Hans!” He sneaks into the talk show host and says: Elections are coming soon in Charland …

Very cautious hope

“Through sanctions, we want to ensure that Russia changes its policy,” said Major, a political scientist. “In the end, it’s about who can endure more.”

Kyiv Foreign Minister Kuleba believes the loss of Russian people and property “push Putin to change his position at least a little,” before the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag. Nevertheless, brutal attacks on civilians will continue unabated – even in humanitarian corridors.

Key Requests

“Germany has contributed to the building of Russia’s power,” the minister recalled without any diplomatic blunder. “We hope you will do everything you can to stop the Russian war machine!”

Guleba’s most urgent desires: 1. Support with all necessary weapons. 2. Further restrictions, because: “When I ask the EU why this or that permit has not yet been introduced, they always say: Germany is the reason!” 3. German aid to Ukraine to join the European Union.

The worst accusation

“A few days ago, our army saw one of the Russian infantry vehicles and saw that the key components that drive this vehicle were actually supplied by Bosch,” the minister angrily reported. The writer puts his hands in front of her face.

The Russians came to Ukraine with German technology to “kill people and destroy cities,” Guleba complains. “Maybe now’s the time to defend ourselves!”

The most unexpected counter-attack

“In Moldova, the Romans and the Poles, the arguments are much less hopeless than they are here,” Keyswetter said. “We must place demands: withdrawal of medium-range missiles from Kaliningrad! Russian forces withdraw from Transnistria! Withdrawal of Russian troops from partially occupied territories in Georgia!”

His hope: “In the long run, Putin must be prepared, because the pressure on him will be greater. We must take seriously the threats against Moldova or the Baltic states. We need diplomacy and toughness!”

“Attack on Ukraine – How will Putin’s war end?” Is the title of “On Will”.Photo: NDR / Wolfgang Borrs

The last position

“We are seeing the last days of Putin’s rule,” the Ukrainian believes. “We see a lot happening in Russia too!”

Finally, Klingbeal was annoyed by the question of his former president. “Gerhard Schroder is not on the road on behalf of the SPD, the Federal Republic and the Federal Government,” he mutters cross-eyed.

“As I read, he was asked by the Ukrainian side, but not by us,” the SPD leader added. The Ukrainian smiles jokingly: In the East, no one has long been taken by the wrong tactics of the Kremlin and its supporters.

Evening quote

“All that comes to mind is not smart politics.” Robert Hebeck


Statements full of commitment and emotion, but vague solutions and more doubts than courage on the German side: this is a talk show in the “Hardness Test” section.

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