An incident of sexual misconduct reported to involve Andy Rubin has come back to haunt the Father of Android and is believed to be the primary reason of his going on leave at Essential. The incident the legitimacy of which is still being probed happened in 2014 while Rubin was still at Google and involves another co-worker who worked in the same division that Rubin headed.

However, all that Essential officially let out is that Rubin is going on leave to deal with matters personal to him. With him not being at the helm of affairs of Essential any more, the day-to-day functioning of the company is being overseen by company President Niccolo de Masi.

The woman whose identity isn’t known as the moment complained to the HR at Google over Rubin’s act. The woman was then working at the Android division within Google while Rubin was still heading the unit.

However, Rubin had thereafter moved to take charge of the robotics division at Google, a post he was still holding when he opted to move out to head something of his own. That later emerged as Essential and the company launched its first smartphone earlier this year. The Essential phone also broke new ground in offering a bezel free display, save for a minor spot at the top to house the front cam and a narrow strip at the bottom.

Apart from the landmark phone, Rubin also outlined how he wished to give a brand new twist to Android to make it ‘Artificially Intelligent‘ enough to take care of our most basic chores with the smartphone, that of checking the notification every once in a while. Rubin claimed this will also act as a cure to what has come to be known as the smartphone addiction.

However, the future of all of that seems to have been pushed into uncertainty, for the time being at least following Rubin’s going on leave for an unspecified time. In his defence, Rubin said anything that happened in 2014 while at Google was consensual.

Also, the co-worker did not report to him directly, which again likely saves Rubin a bit as Google rulebook prohibits establishing a relationship between anyone who is a direct subordinate. In fact, Rubin never got pulled up then by Google for any miss-conduct, which can be regarded as a positive aspect Rubin can bank on right now.

Google is yet to offer any comment on the entire development.