The security gaps that Android have is always a concern. After years of this security lapses, Google said that Android is now hard to hack. During 2015, we come to know that Google’s operating system which is used in phones can be easily hacked to the StrageFright bug. In 2016, a team of researchers revealed that about millions of Android phones are infected with malicious software named HummingBad.  Hummingbird is used by hackers in order to generate bogus and revenue. Wikileaks of 2017 showed us that CIA had developed the malicious software for phones.

Google’s head of security for Android, Google Play, and the Chrome David Kleidermacher state that the Android team is working hard to fix all the bugs. He also added that Android is now safe as its competitor. This claim is big for Google as the main rival of Android is Apple’s iPhone. The annual Android Security Report which is released by Google on Thursday state that “ Android security made a significant leap forward in 2017 and many of our protections now lead the industry. “

Google found it hard to fix the flaws in its Android phone to protect it from hackers. When a major flaw occurs, the company need to send an updated version of the software to all the companies which make an Android phone. This process really takes a long time and user get affected.

Google is now trying to make tools that will identify and turn the bad apps off. Protecting its users from downloading malicious apps is Google’s topmost priority as said by Kleidermacher. Google cannot protect all users from StageFright but Google Play Protect will help you to protect from bad apps.