Android 14 can tell you when apps detect a screenshot

Most people take a lot Screenshots, and in some cases, that’s not what the app wants you to do. Some apps, like Snapchat, can detect when you’ve taken a screenshot, but they don’t use the tools built into the operating system. Now, Android 14 adds screenshot detection to apps, with Android’s added user-provided feature telling you when an app knows you’ve taken a screenshot.

An addition that’s been known for a while (but has remained largely under the radar), Android 14’s screenshot detection feature allows apps to work with the operating system to detect when a user has taken a screenshot instead of using hacky methods to achieve that goal. For developers, this comes with a host of benefits, first and foremost, making it easier to detect and potentially block screenshots for privacy or security reasons. But arguably the biggest impact will be on end users.

Using the new screenshot detection API, Android 14 will show users when the respective app detects a screenshot. Google the details of this On the developer pageAnd Kamran Shahid, Android developer, He has great deep diving In how everything works.

Already, the new method is in use. It was also observed that A Robot police Reader, the German shopping app “OTTO” has provided support for discovering screenshots. Taking a screenshot results in a message saying “OTTO detected this screenshot”.

So far, it doesn’t seem that many applications have actually implemented this functionality. For example, Google Wallet and GPay don’t use it. Snapchat seems like the perfect app to use the new API, but so far it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Have you noticed support for this API in any of your applications? Let us know in the comments below!

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