The tech giant Facebook is going to have an emergency meeting for its employees to let them ask about Cambridge Analytica. The objective of the meeting is to unfold the data privacy scandal by Cambridge Analytica. The Facebook has scheduled its meeting at 10 AM PT and the meeting will lead by Paul Grewal, who is the company’s general counsel.

Paul Grewal is going to explain the background of the case to their employees. The scandal involves stealing of users data of about 50 million people by Cambridge Analytica for the US presidential election during 2016. Grewal is also going to take questions from employees via a polling feature which is found in the meeting’s internal event page.

The meeting which is scheduled on Tuesday will represent a large group of its employees to question company for the very first time. Facebook executives are busy in discussing the Cambridge Analytica story on their internal forums. The meeting is said to be stream live for remote employees under the series of live chats and asking questions which are organized by Facebook internal communications team.

The reports which are published this week by the New York Times and the Guardian are creating issues for the Facebook internally. The articles that are published in the newspaper says that how a researcher of the University of Cambridge had created an app in Facebook and got the information about millions of users and gave the same data to Cambridge Analytica, thus violating the Facebook’s terms of service.

The emergency meeting which is scheduled on Tuesday is said to be for 30 minutes. According to an employee, this move is designed to have some more time for the company till Friday where CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to attain and will have a word.