American Airlines Allows Bull Shitzu to Board a Plane to West Palm Beach, a Violation of Policy

The dog has a vest that says “service dog.” We call him “Bull Shih Tzu!”

Dogs on planes, dogs at Publix, dogs at a bowling alley. Welcome to Boca Roditon on Sunday.

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BOCA RATON, FL ( (Copyright © 2024 MetroDesk Media, LLC) – An American Airlines crew inexplicably allowed a dog that must have been “Bull Shitzu” (intentionally spelled) on board Flight 2467 Saturday night from DFW to West Palm Beach ignoring the airline's own policies. The dog, which was wearing a “service dog” vest, was almost certainly not a service dog. It's not clear what function the rat-looking K9 would perform if its owner got into trouble. It is one of several nominations for Sunday's Boca Roditone award.

Do we really think that this animal on board American Airlines Flight 2467 Saturday night from DFW to PBI is a service dog? If so, what service are you trained to provide?

American Airlines requires that pets on board be kept in a kennel for the entire time they are on board. It must be approved by the airline and confirmed at the boarding gate. None of this seems to have happened. There was a legitimate service dog on board. A service dog that appears fake undermines the legitimacy of those who truly have a need and follow rules and restrictions.

Why is this dog in Bolero, the bowling alley where food is served?

Also to consider Boca Roditon: Woman with dog at Paulero in Boca Raton. Food is served at the bowling alley, making this dog a violation of Florida law.

Publix bans dogs, even dogs with what appears to be a “service collar” purchased on Amazon. What service do we think this dog was trained to perform?

We also received photos of people with dogs at Publix — despite the company's blanket ban on pets. It was not immediately clear why this woman was not escorted from the Publix location in South Florida.

However, of all the images, there is only one that could be the winner of Boca's match against Rodeton on Sunday. The winner is the dog on the American Airlines flight. If we give out prizes, the young woman with the dog that appears to be a fake “service dog” vest gets it. American Airlines Coloring Book, specially designed for kids who are not old enough to understand the rules and regulations.

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