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The mother is charged with murder |

Baby (4) crushes stoner gummy bears to death

Little Tanner Clements (4) has now died because he ate stoner gummy bears. American mother Dorothy (30) is suing the US court for murder.

According to media reports, the accident took place in May. Accordingly, the four-year-old child ate a “large amount” of sweets, which, according to forensic medicine, contained a “high content” of the cannabinoid THC. The substance occurs naturally in hemp plants, and it occurs in high concentrations when weed is smoked.

Apparently unable to cope with the small body dose, Tanner suffered an unspecified “medical emergency”. Two days later, the child was pronounced dead at a hospital in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Tanner’s death could have been prevented

Tragedy: If proper action had been taken shortly after the Stoner gummy bears were taken – “the child’s death could have been prevented,” investigators from the Child Victims Unit noted in their report.

Tanner Clements’ death raises some questions: Did mother Dorothy know how much candy her son ate? Why didn’t a four-year-old child come under medical supervision sooner? These and other questions will have to be clarified in court.

The sheriff’s report in charge suggests the 30-year-old may have been caught up in contradictions: Although Dorothy Clements called the poison emergency number, she was only talking about half a gummy bear her son had eaten.

Mother Dorothy was not allowed to appear on bail

The American is currently being held at the Rappahannock County (Virginia) Regional Jail and will not be released on bail. A jury decides whether Dorothy Clements will be convicted of murder and child neglect.

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A touching online obituary read: “Tanner was an amazing, fun-loving boy. He loved superheroes, being outside, playing hide and seek and making everyone laugh.” Because the four-year-old loved superheroes so much, mourners were asked to wear matching T-shirts at the funeral.

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