Amazon’s 50 Best Deals This Weekend — Save up to 80% on Keurig, AirPods, Vacuums, and More

Still have some holiday shopping to do? Or maybe you haven’t even done it I started Until now? Don’t panic, you still have time to get the abundant gifts Amazon. Fast shipping means your items will arrive on time (if you order soon), and while Cyber ​​Weekend is long over, the online retail giant’s deep discounts are not. We’ve found a slew of markdowns you won’t want to miss — including Apple AirPods headphones It’s been marked down to under $100 for something similar to the Dyson Vacation stick That’s 80% off (only $51!). Plus, get great prices Lego sets, Board games And Puzzles For the sake of the children. The best Amazon deals this weekend are just one click away!

Well, it’s time to rev the engine of your (virtual) cart and grab some big savings on gifts for your loved ones — plus some for yourself. Happy bargain hunting!

Amazon’s best deals this weekend

  • GiveBest Portable Electric Heater

  • Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows, Queen, Set of 2

  • vac life portable air compressor

    Save $23 With head and coupon

70% discount or more


The days of lugging a heavy, bulky vacuum around your home are over, thanks to this 3.3-pound vacuum cleaner. It won’t just remove dust, crumbs and pet hair from the floor; It will also help purify the air with its five-stage filtration system and can be converted into a handheld device. This is the best price we’ve ever seen it on sale – take that, Dyson!

“We have a problem with pet hair,” A. wrote Happy user. “This vacuum helps solve the problem. It has two modes – one for hard surfaces and one for carpets. It makes cleaning hair much faster!”

$56 at Amazon

  • Gloria Vanderbilt tapered high-rise jeans

50% discount or more


‘Tis the season for frozen feet—unless you have this best-selling heater at the ready. Small yet powerful, this warming device can heat up to 200 square feet of space in just seconds, has two heat levels and can double as a fan in the summer. Get it at over 50% off – which is less than it has been all year.

A. wrote: “I’m so amazed at the amount of heat this little heater gives off.” Rave references. “My son uses it in the basement, and we can feel the heat coming up the stairs! Love the safety features. … It turns off if he falls or if the room gets too warm.”

$30 at Amazon

The best headphones and earphones deals from Amazon


Ready for finally Replace your worn-out wired earbuds with a stylish pair of AirPods? The top second-generation sellers have hundreds of thousands of perfect reviews for a reason — well, multiple reasons: clear, rich sound quality, up to 24 hours of battery life, and the fact that you won’t find yourself tangled in wires if you accidentally fall asleep with them. Apple is one of those brands that doesn’t really do that Need To gain sales, since their products are in high demand. However, we will take $30 off when we can!

“I had real trouble finding comfortable earbuds and stuck with them for years [pair of] “Wired earbuds were comfortable and didn’t fall out,” one wrote. Apple conversion. “I thought it was finally time to try these out as I’ve transitioned to only having a cell phone. I was surprised by how comfortable they are. The sound quality is good, and the charge lasts a long time. I’m a believer!”

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$99 at Amazon

Best Home Deals on Amazon


These best-sellers are fluffy, breathable, and come at one of their best prices in years ($18!). They’re rarely marked down unless there’s a big sales event, like Black Friday or Prime Day, so we recommend adding them to your cart while they’re 40% off.

“Best pillow I’ve bought in years,” said A Satisfied afternoon nap. “I fall asleep on my side, and it supports my head and neck well. I won’t have numb arms while sleeping or pain in my shoulders the next day. This has dramatically improved my sleep. Better than luxury hotel pillows!”

$37 at Amazon

  • Cossignor Bed Pillows, 2 Pack

Amazon’s best tablet and tech deals


Never lose your luggage, wallet – anything really – again. Simply throw one of these smart tags inside the item you want to track and you’ll be alerted of its whereabouts via your phone. This reaches the lowest price we have ever seen.

“Preparing the tiles is very easy and only takes a few minutes,” one wrote. a fan. “My mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s and she often misplaces her purse. We spent hours one night trying to find where she had put it, and finally found it hidden in the bathroom behind towels. After that, we bought tiles and put them on her purse and have had no further problems with “Trying to find it. My husband just searches for it on his phone and rings Tile, which will send a little musical alarm to Tile on her purse and we can find it easily.” It will also show you on a map the location of the item if you’re not within hearing distance of the alarm. The battery lasts a long time. In fact, the last tile we had lasted for about two years.”

$18 at Amazon

Best stocking stuffer deals $25 or less


Puffiness, bags, and dark circles are no match for these #1 best-selling, vitamin-infused under eye masks. All you have to do is apply one under each eye, leave it for 20 minutes, remove it and enjoy firmer, brighter skin! No one needs to know you’ve been scrolling Instagram instead of getting eight hours of sleep. This is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen for this bundle – just 50 cents per pair! There’s no better way to relieve stress after shopping the holiday sales.

“These are the best eye patches I have ever used,” said A Bright-eyed reviewer. “I’m 64 years old, and due to multiple major life stressors over the past three years, I’ve gone from looking 20 years younger to looking every minute of my years. I’ve tried everything and spent a small fortune trying to look less tired and bloated. These patches are amazing. “The box says you’ll notice a difference in a few days, and I really did. No wrinkles under my eyes, and it lasts all day long instead of the 10 minutes I used to use. “I’ve seen some other patches. Put it in the fridge, it feels so good!”

$10 at Amazon

Best Amazon TV Deals


The Insignia 24-inch TV is a popular choice thanks to its 1080p resolution and Fire TV capabilities—you can stream more than a million shows and movies. Also popular? Its ridiculous and unprecedented price is $65. The Alexa-equipped remote makes it easy to navigate through channels using just your voice.

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“Very impressive little TV,” wrote A Verified viewer. “It was very easy to set up and the color is beautiful. The sound is very impressive. I only turned the volume up halfway and it was still very loud. Very clear sound! This was an early Christmas gift to myself. My first smart TV and I’m very happy with it.”

$65 at Amazon

Best car deals from Amazon


In case you realize that your tires are starting to sag and there are no gas stations in sight, you will be very happy to have this tire inflator in your trunk. It fills it in seconds when plugged into your car’s 12V power outlet, and its 9.8-foot cord is long enough to allow you to reach all four tires without having to keep adjusting the position. It can also blow up things like air mattresses and inflatable boats. Get it at 50% off – it rarely drops below its current price.

Single fan “I was tired of the weather changing, low tire pressure, and having to find a gas station to pump some air,” he raved. “This saved me money and helped me if I got a flat tire. I was able to ‘put enough air in it to get somewhere Where I can stop and put my spare parts. I highly recommend anyone getting one for their car.”

Save $23 With head and coupon

$22 at Amazon

  • Nexpow 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter

  • DB Power Portable Car Jump Starter

    Save $37 With head and coupon

Best vacuum cleaner deals from Amazon

This works for

Does the car floor look a little crumbly? Then this is the #1 best selling car vacuum to the rescue! Weighing just 2.4 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver during your ride, whether you’re using it to remove pet hair from seats, fast food residue on the floor or the layer of dust covering your dashboard. It comes with three attachments to target different types of spaces and clutter, and its 16-foot cord means you’ll have no trouble reaching your trunk. This model also has a handy light and a HEPA filter to help purify the air. Amazon discounts are rarely this deep on holiday bestsellers, so grab them while they’re over 75% off.

“This is the best automatic vacuum I have used,” he wrote The customer was impressed. “It gets things that other vacuums don’t get, like the fine dust that collects on the dashboard and console. The accessories seem designed for the car, as does the design and shape of this machine. Kudos to the design engineers. This is a good Worx. Named because that is.”

$22 at Amazon

  • Divoac I8 corded vacuum cleaner

  • Black+Decker PowerSeries+ Cordless Vacuum

Best Amazon Kitchen Deals


This best-selling product is 60% off — one of the lowest prices ever — and comes with every type of blade a home cook could need. Henckels has been making high-quality knives for over a century, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.

“Finally, sharp (and safe) knives,” wrote A Happy home cook. “I got used to regular knives until my brother, who is a chef, convinced me to upgrade to Henckels knives. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, worried about cutting myself, but the grip on these knives keeps my hands from slipping.” They are very sharp and do a great job in the kitchen.”

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$130 at Amazon

  • KitchenAid Classic Series 4.5L Slant Head Mixer

The best beauty and wellness deals from Amazon


This versatile hair tool basically works like a Dyson Airwrap – just at a fraction of the cost. It comes with three brush heads and a hairdryer attachment to suit all hair types, whether you want to smooth and straighten it or add curls and waves. Now you’ll be able to give yourself a professional boost while saving 70%! You’re looking at the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this.

“Using a blow dryer with a round brush took me at least 45 minutes to smooth out my thick, wavy gray hair.” Shopper design. “Over the years, I spent a lot of money getting my hair professionally styled at the hair salon, until I bought these amazing, easy-to-use hair dryer brushes. I use the hair dryer alone when I want wavy hair. It’s so much fun and versatility with these brushes and the dryer, and it saves me money, too.” “

$60 at Amazon

  • Crave Naturals Detangling Brush

  • Dermura Gold Glow Under Eye Patches, 20 Pairs

  • Body Restoration Steam Showers, 15 Pieces

  • Vibeauty Teeth Whitening Pen, 3 Pack

    Save $15 With head and coupon

Best Deals on Amazon Style


Keep your feet nice and warm with these #1 best-selling wool socks, coming in the best colors and prints. They’re soft and warm yet breathable, and at nearly 70% off they’ll make the perfect stocking filler (although you should definitely get a bag for yourself too!).

“I bought it for a trip to Alaska,” one wrote. shopper. “These are literally the warmest socks I own. [They] Perfectly true to size, did not shrink and [are] Very warm. [They] Don’t make your feet sweat. …Buy it – your feet will be glad you did!”

$14 at Amazon

  • Gloria Vanderbilt tapered high-rise jeans

  • Playtex Ultimate Lift 18 Hour Wireless Bra

Amazon’s best gaming deals


Plants that don’t involve any dirt or maintenance, for that matter? Register with us! This adorable Lego plant set includes nine succulents that are just as much fun to build as they are to admire when finished. It’s a best-selling book for a reason – and it’s close to the lowest price ever.

One person explained: “I bought this as a gift for my 11-year-old grandson for Christmas, with the stipulation that after he assembled it, he would return it to me so I could display it in my home.” Grandpa. “He loved putting it together… He said it was a challenge, which is good. It’s very beautiful. He brought it back to me and now he and I enjoy looking at it together in my house when he comes over.”

$40 at Amazon

  • Hasbro Clue Mystery Game

  • Ravensburger “A Picnic in Paris” 1,500-piece puzzle

If you have Amazon PrimeOf course, you’ll get free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those who don’t have prime minister You still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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