The business giant Amazon will soon open its second headquarter in North America. For this, Amazon will invest around $5 billion for the construction work. Amazon made an announcement regarding this in a press release issued on Thursday.

With its second headquarter, Amazon will create job opportunities for 50,000 candidates with a high pay scale which will add more employees to its ongoing job creation.

The company has also estimated its direct hiring and investment. Construction and operation will be able to create thousands of job opportunities. Along with this, it will also generate billions of dollars bringing additional investment in the city where the HQ2 will be constructed.

As per a source, the company has listed Toronto in its list where the HQ2 will be set up. There is a lot of scope in Toronto as it has a developing economic technology and as it produces high-quality software engineers. Since many years, the company also tried out in many universities to search for more talented candidates. But at last the company chose North America as they found more talent candidates in the city. The list also had cities like Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Atlanta.

While choosing the location for its second headquarter, Amazon has put some preferences like the location should have a metropolitan area, and one million people should live in it. The environment of the area should be business-friendly, stable and growing. The community living in the areas should have creative thinking capacity in real estates. The area must have best technical talented candidates.

The upcoming HQ2 will be a full-fledged headquarters of the company, and it will be not like a satellite office. With the new HQ2, Amazon will also hire new talented team and executives. Senior authorities later can decide whether to post them in HQ1, HQ2 or both the headquarters. Apart from this, Amazon will give an opportunity for the one currently working in HQ1 to move to HQ2 as per their preferences.

Currently, around 380,000 employees are working in the company and provide various innovative programs to its employees like Leave Share and Ramp Back. Amazon has been ranked as No. 1 company on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and ranked second as Most Admired Companies on Fortune’s Worlds. Besides, it has also been ranked No. 1 in the Harris Poll’s Corporate Reputation Survey and ranked second as U.S. most desirable companies on LinkedIn.

Amazon has provided a great platform to 100,000 small business with over $100,000 sales. Till now around 2 billion items from these small business has been shipped to 185 countries. Most of the items that are being sold by Amazon are from small business, and due to this opportunity, it has created more than 600,000 job opportunity worldwide.