Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant has now been made an integral part of Amazon Music so that searching for new tracks or playing a song will never be the same again. Also, being integrated with Amazon Music itself, the feature will be available across all product categories, be it Android or iOS.

The feature though is available in only a handful of countries at the moment – UK, US, Germany and Austria. There is no word yet when it is going to see a wider roll out.

So if you happen to be residing in any of these locales, you can now spare your hands from typing song requests, or searching form the vast Amazon Music catalogue of songs. Instead, all you need to do is speak your wishes and Alexa will do the rest.

Also, having served as a digital personal assistant segment for some time now, you can safely bet on Alexa’s capabilities in meeting your requirements well enough. She allows you to speak in your own natural voice and tone, and is intelligent enough to make out what you really want. Alexa is easily the oldest digital assistant out there, and the most matured of them all as well.

So requests like, ‘Play the song of the day’, or ‘Play music for cardio’ will be happily complied with, you can be rest assured. You can also ask Alexa to play music by a specific genre, or more specifically, look out for the latest chartbusters from your favorite singer. Or just in case if you have forgotten the song name, just telling Alexa the lyrics will be enough for her to search for the song.

Amazon Music already happens to be the third biggest name in the online music subscription segment, which means a huge market for Alexa to cater to. So far, the Amazon digital assistant has already been in millions of homes via the Echo range of smart speakers. Having the same familiar voice taking care of your music requirements via your smartphone provides you with an instant start right away; so no getting used to something exotic here.

Music companies too have welcomed the move and are looking for ways to make their services more competitive. That includes introducing possible changes to the way songs are categorized and tagged to ensure Alexa is able to search for those easily.

On the whole, more responsibilities for Alexa though the smart digital assistant does not seem to be the least bit shaken.