If the consumers have been thinking of getting on the streaming video train, today may be the day for it. Amazon is now running a promotion of limited time on two of its most popular set-top boxes that are- the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD. Both of them are reduced to some of the cheapest pricing that has seen so far.

The deal on the Fire TV Stick witnesses ten dollars cut from the usual cost. Instead of 39.99 dollars, the users are getting Amazon’s streamer for just 29.99 dollars. That is including the Alexa Voice Remote that lets the users to search by voice through the catalog of Amazon, in addition to ask questions of the virtual assistant as users may through an Echo smart speaker.

The discount of the company on the Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD is even better arguably. That is now down to 49.99 dollars as versus to its usual 69.99 dollars price. Again, the users obtain the Alexa Voice Remote. Both are designed to hide behind the users’ TV, plugging into an HDMI port and with the microphone-toting remote connecting through the Bluetooth.

Now, the question is as to which one the users must you go for. While it is tempting to jump on the cheapest deal of Amazon, the regular Fire TV Stick, it is thought that there is a solid argument to be made for the opening users wallet or purse a little wider and stepping up to the Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD. That is even if one does not currently have a 4K TV.

So the question is as to why purchase the Fire TV with 4K. Beyond the upgrade potential, after all, one day the users are probably going to be looking to upgrade to an Ultra HD TV set, after all – it is also a faster and newer box. The hardware is speedier than that of the Fire TV Stick, for a start – Amazon said that 40-percent more powerful. It is even running a newer version of Android, too: while the users may not see that, underneath the custom interface of Amazon, it is going to be much more secure and much more efficient.

If one is an audiophile, meanwhile, that is another good reason to go for the more costly of the two. The Fire TV with 4K currently supports Dolby Atmos audio that lets in for more precise control over where surround sound effects come from in the user’s room. As with Ultra HD, the users will require the right hardware to actually enjoy the Dolby Atmos sound, but it is worth noting that the prices for those systems are coming down, too. Even if one does not have the requisite speakers today, it is worth having the hardware potential in the set-top box of choice.

As ever, Amazon is not saying quite how long it’s Fire TV Stick and Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD promotion would last. If anyone is tempted, then, perhaps it is best to jump on the deal sooner rather than later.