Amazon could be out to pamper you with new Alexa powered smart glasses this holiday season if rumors along this line prove to be true. The retail giant however isn’t confirming the development though grapevine has it that there is something definitely cooking on this front.

The rumored glasses from Amazon will however lack the display or camera that the Google Glasses so famously sported even though the presence of the camera led to many a debate on privacy issues. With the display and camera gone, the Amazon glasses will be a lot simpler in its scope.

As per what is known so far, the glasses will look the same as everyday eyeglasses but will have smart bits built into it. That again will let it to pair with a smartphone and is also believed to allow you to hear off it via bone conduction audio technology.

Chances are that you will also get to speak to it as well, which seems more plausible given that such a feature will let you make the most of the Alexa smart assistant that will serve to be the digital backbone of the device. Such a feature will also let you have a direct line of communication with Alexa, something that now requires you to fire up and app on smartphones.

Amazon has been the first to come up with smart home speaker system powered by its own AI backed digital assistant, Alexa. That again has been a surprise hit, enough for others such as Google, Apple, Microsoft et all to emulate a similar strategy by launching (or being in the process of doing so) such smart home speakers.

However, while the competitors (sans Microsoft) are already well entrenched in the mobile segment that provides them with a ready market to tap into with their digital assistant, Amazon unfortunately lacks the same. Its Fire smartphones fared miserably and has vanished without a trace.

With the new proposed smart glasses, Amazon could again be seen creating a new segment for Alexa to operate in. Such smart glasses that lack its own display and camera will also be simpler to manufacture and operate, which means they have shortened build time and hence will reach markets quickly. With no display and camera to feed to, battery times too shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Amazon though has declined to confirm it is indeed working on an Alexa powered smart glass.