Along with China: Russia announces Christmas naval maneuvers

With China
Russia announces Christmas naval maneuvers

Russia is flexing its military muscles over the Christmas holidays. Emergency drills are being conducted in the East China Sea with China. It brings the two countries closer.

Russia announces joint naval maneuvers with China Several Russian warships will take part in maneuvers in the East China Sea from Wednesday to December 27, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The main objectives of the exercises are to “strengthen naval cooperation” between Russia and China and “maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region”.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said the drills included defense against rockets, artillery and submarines. According to the information, Russia intends to use one missile cruiser, one frigate and two corvettes.

China will bring two destroyers, two patrol vessels, one support vessel and one submarine. The Russian Defense Ministry also announced that aircraft and helicopters from both countries will be deployed.

The two states have been getting closer in recent years. Moscow has been trying to strengthen relations with Asian countries, especially since the start of the military offensive in Ukraine and the subsequent economic sanctions imposed by the West.

In 2005, the two sides rehearsed a war at sea for the first time. The exercises are conducted annually since 2012. Russia and China already held joint military maneuvers in late November. In light of the war in Ukraine and recent tensions on the island of Taiwan, which is claimed by Beijing, the military maneuvers are viewed with suspicion by nearby residents.

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