‘All our boys were massacred’: Wiretapped phone call reveals heavy Russian casualties

  • VanAndreas Abetz


The condition of the Russian army is deteriorating. Intercepted phone calls tell of a drunken massacre of a platoon and the retreat of a platoon.

KUPIANSK – Two secretly intercepted phone calls between Russian soldiers reveal conditions inside Moscow’s military and suggest that a Ukrainian counteroffensive may be more successful than previously thought. Both conversations were allegedly declassified by Ukrainian military intelligence. The authenticity of the records has yet to be independently verified.

“Completely blown to pieces”: Russian soldier’s drunken platoon report

The first of the two phone calls was about an anonymous soldier from the 27th regiment of the Russian army. His unit is said to have been in the Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine. The soldier and his army were involved in the battle for the city of Kubyansk that had been going on for weeks. The city in northeastern Ukraine is an important railway junction with five different railway lines, some of which go directly to Russia. So Kubiansk is interesting for both sides from a strategic point of view.

The soldier asks his wife in cross-talk if he heard what happened to the 27th Brigade. After his wife says no, the fighter says his unit is “totally shredded.” “All our people were massacred,” he was quoted as saying The Give Post From a phone call. The soldier claims that his comrades were drinking when they left the front. It was because his unit was “too relaxed” that the massacre took place.

It is unclear how many people died in the incident described in the phone call. There have been no reports of a major Russian military retreat in the Kharkiv region in recent weeks. In mid-July Russia began massing its forces in Kharkiv. In early September, the Russian Defense Ministry announced an improvement in the “tactical position” of its troops. According to reports, Ukrainian troops suffered heavy losses.

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After the death of the tankers, the Russian squadron withdrew

In the second call, a soldier can be heard describing his recent experiences on the Russian front. There, his chief of staff asked him to verify a report that several tankers in his squadron had died in the attack. After the fears were confirmed and all five drivers were declared dead, the entire regiment was asked to fall back. The soldier described the situation over the phone as “just a mess”. He also said that now there is a compulsion to disband all regional defense brigades and merge them into one big brigade.

The records did not reveal which area the soldier was talking about. But the counteroffensive in the Ukraine war seems to be gaining momentum. An expert paints a bleak picture for Russia in the current situation and describes Russia’s current situation as a “war of retreat”. (a)

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