AJ Brown: I’m not a singer, but of course I want the ball

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FOX cameras caught the Eagles receiver AJ Brown Visibly frustrated on the sideline with 5:11 left on Saturday night. Brown admitted Wednesday that he wants more opportunities.

Despite this, the Eagles ran 44 times and threw just 24 in an easy 38-7 victory over the Giants.

“They throw the ball at me 100 times, me I want it 101 Times,” Brown said, via ESPN’s Tim McManus. “Personally, I feel like I can change the game at any moment. Getting the ball often helps you move forward, and keeps you in rhythm. It definitely puts you in a zone; You are locked up. Of course I want the ball.”

Eagles coach Nick Siriani spoke to the Browns off the bench and suggested this week that the Browns are frustrated with their goals. Brown caught three of six passes directed at him for 22 yards.

However, Siriani defended his star receiver’s anger, saying he wanted his receivers to “crave football.”

Brown explained Wednesday that wanting a ball doesn’t make him a diva.

“I never take a stand or try to cause trouble on the sideline. I’m not that guy,” Brown said. “I guess that’s what you would describe as a diva, but I’m not that person.

“I’m a guy who steps up and talks to the quarterback and talks to me [offensive coordinator] And do it this way. I am not a man who will cause a stir on the sidelines. This is not what I am. I will never be that guy.”

Acquired from the Titans on first and third picks, Brown finished fourth in the NFL with 1,496 receiving yards and tied for third with 11 receiving touchdowns.

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