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Air defense system: Poland now wants to accept German patriots


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Back and forth, the Patriot Air Defense System is now stationed on Polish territory. The opposition sees the government’s credibility in Warsaw as damaged.

Poland will accept Germany’s offer to deploy a Patriot anti-aircraft battery, according to Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) and her Polish counterpart “agreed in principle”, a spokesman for the Federal Defense Ministry said. “Details such as hypothetical locations for stationing and required infrastructure are now being discussed at the technical level.” An investigation team is planned to be sent to Poland immediately.

The German government made the offer to Warsaw in late November, shortly after a rocket fired near the Ukrainian border killed two Poles. Blaszczak initially accepted the offer “with satisfaction”. However, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the ruling BIS party, said the organization should be better positioned in Ukraine. The Minister of Defense and other Polish politicians followed his lead.

Germany opposes use in Ukraine

Blaszczak reiterated on Twitter on Tuesday that he regrets that Germany does not want to use the patriot system in Ukraine. “I am disappointed in the decision to reject support for Ukraine,” he wrote. “Deployment of patriots in western Ukraine will increase security of Poland and Ukrainians.”

Nevertheless, both sides will make preparations to deploy the missiles in Poland and link them to the Polish command structure. Germany has said the Patriot system offered to Poland is part of NATO’s integrated air defense and can only be used in NATO territory.

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Opposition parties criticize the Polish government as being distracted

Politicians and observers have criticized PiS for suggesting it does not want to adopt a patriotic system. The party has accused it of endangering the country’s security by trying to stoke anti-German sentiment at a time when war is raging in neighboring Ukraine.

A poll published this week revealed broad support among the Polish public for the use of the system in Poland. Opposition MP, Pavel Koval said, ‘With the latest U-turn, the government has done itself a disservice. “How can Poland be taken seriously with such a government? We take patriots – we don’t take them – we take them…” Koval wrote on Twitter after Blaszczak’s announcement.

Arms Treaty with the US

Poland will receive about 3.58 billion euros worth of modern tanks, other combat vehicles and weapons from the United States. The State Department in Washington has now approved the arms deal. According to this, Poland will buy 116 M1A1 Abrams battle tanks and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The State Department said the tank purchase supports U.S. foreign policy and security goals by enhancing the security of a NATO ally that drives political stability and economic progress in Europe.

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