Over the last decade there have been numerous technological advancements that can accredit to India. Despite the technological development the field of cyber security is still gaining ground as there are very rare cyber operations experts from Indian soil and amongst those Agalya is the only one that kept its stance bold and clear.

From humble beginnings, the founder Ankur Srivastava ensured that Agalya reaches new heights and gain international attention in the cyber operations domain. His efforts were well appreciated when Agalya made its first international appearance in one of the most potential markets known for outsourcing cyber operations, 2017 DSEI Defense and Security Event in Dubai.

Not to amiss Agalya was even able to put its footprint successfully in Middle East, one of the most potential markets where Agalya made an important mark by not just providing tools for government but also selling hacking as an offering. It well defined its technologically advanced capabilities, as per the mention in the Bahamut Report published by Bellingcat.

Since then the tiny giant has never looked back instead it has continuously worked on evolving its expansion in various other cyber dimensions. Its recent attempt at rebranding testifies its ambitious plans further.

The most recent think-tank venture commenced by the Srivastava group with the name of International Institute for Non-aligned Studies (IINS) and its most recent involvement in the visit paid by Member of European Parliament (MEPs) to Jammu and Kashmir in the void of Article 370 proves its expansion all the more.

Interestingly, the latest think tank venture IINS is to tone down the functionality and operations led by the Srivastava group. At the outset, on its website, Srivastava Group describes itself as being “among the fastest growing business houses in the country with interests in natural resources, clean energy, airspace, consulting services, healthcare, print media and publishing”. However the recent chain of events suggests that the ambitious group is head on its journey towards honing its cyber operations.

Just weeks before MEPs visited Jammu and Kashmir; an organization that fights cyber disinformation against the European Union alleged that a news organization based in Brussels had links to the Srivastava Group. The claim emerged from the fact that a Brussels-based EP Today, claiming itself to be a monthly magazine for European Parliament, “had misled readers into thinking that the website is affiliated with the European Parliament”, as per EUDisinfoLab.

As per the allegations of EUDisinfoLab, EP Today “had misled readers into thinking that the website is affiliated with the European Parliament”. EP Today, according to its own website, was launched in 2007 and “carries policy opinions and articles by the Members of the European Parliament and decision makers”.

It does not come as a surprise that there was direct link found between Agalya, Srivastava group’s IINS and EP today which were the shared office address between Srivastava Group and IINS as: A-2/59, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi. And both Agalya newly opened office in Brussels “Square de meeus”share the server with EP Today.

The common connection and the chain of events make it clear that Agalya continues to expand its cyber ventures across the globe with a different name but same operations.

 Despite various challenges and aim at becoming the face of special cyber operations in the region for sure.