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After the “Dreamliner” incident, investigators examine the pilot's seat – economy


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on Monday Lost a flowerg 787-9 Dreamliner During the flight from Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand – the bow sank. At least 50 people on board Dreamliners A total of 263 passengers and nine crew members were injured in the incident.

Chilean airline Ladam immediately blamed the loss of altitude on technical failure. It applies to him Travelers In interviews after the flight, the pilot said that when he checked the cabin immediately after the incident, the flight instruments suddenly stopped working.

Now one of the pilot's seats has come to the attention of investigators. “The motion of the seat tilts the plane downward,” reports the trade magazine Air current Quoting a senior Ladam security official. Based on available information, it is believed that the seat movement was caused by the pilot and was not intentional. In this case, the possibility of power leakage is also being investigated, said the second insider. There is no official confirmation from Latham on this.

View in the cockpit of the “Boeing 787 Dreamliner” (archive image).


According to the newspaper The Washington Post However, the pilot was not present and a flight attendant came in while servicing the pilot's seat switch, causing the plane's nose to pitch down. It is not clear how the flight attendant got to the counter. So now this is one of many theses. Neither Boeing nor Latham would comment on the speculation, citing ongoing investigations.

Experts point out that most plane crashes are not caused by a single technical fault, but by a chain of multiple errors. Meanwhile, New Zealand authorities announced that the plane's voice recorder and flight data memory had been seized.

Latam Airlines is based in Chile – The 787-9 Should have continued to Santiago after stopping at Auckland.

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