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Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent launches December 9 in the West, demo available now


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in Japan, Adventure Academy: Continent Divided It launches on PlayStation 4 and Switch on September 8th.

Adventure Academy: Continent Divided is a strategy Japanese RPG This will test your ability to manage a group of students against the hordes of monsters blocking your path. With a unique “pinch, drag, and drop” real-time battle mechanic, customize your own group of students in a fantasy world with over 10 different races to choose from! Manage their armor, weapons, and accessories as you tactically direct them to victory.

  • Follow Alex and his friends in this charming Japanese strategy RPG full of cute, fun and lovable characters
  • Tap, drag and drop your team to victory with a uniquely intuitive real-time battle system
  • Build your students’ dream team by managing their stats, weapons, abilities, and personalities!
  • A charming narrative guides you along the way, with optional and fun side quests visual novel Segments progress with each task
  • Traverse a variety of environments with unique monster bosses to fight and different battle mechanics to learn!

Join Alex and his friends in an exciting story venture

The continent of Pedra is going through a serious crisis. The entire nation is slowly turning into a maze dungeon swarming with monsters. When Alex’s father – the principal of Obsidian High – goes missing, it’s up to Alex and his party of academy friends to find him! Armed with the Ancient Orb, summon your party to defeat monsters and carve a path to victory!

Follow the story, working with your classmates and teachers as you learn the truth behind the shattered continent. Meet unique characters of different types and specialties along your journey and take part in side quests to help those only you can!

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Drag and drop and battle in real time

Strategically direct your team to victory on a grid-based real-time action system. Pick up and rearrange your deck to protect the main character, Alex, as you roam around the map.

Recruit sox students for your party! CharacterRecruit them and choose from ten different races – Human, Khaluz, Felpurr, Bahamoon, Gnome, Diabolos, Fairy, Celestia, Dwarf and Elf!

Learn about 10 unique races

Recruit up to six students for your party! Give them names, choose their gender, manage their gear, and customize their stats to fit your playstyle!

There are 10 different races available: Human, Khaluz, Felpurr, Bahamoon, Gnome, Diabolos, Fairy, Celestia, Dwarf, and Elf!

Face giant monster bosses

Each stage features giant boss monsters with varying abilities and attacks! You’ll have to properly direct your party…or face being totally blown away!

Equip, upgrade and manage party, party

Manage and customize weapon, armor and accessory slots for each of your teammates. Save enough gold by completing levels and dropping weapons into the lab to get special and custom improvements!

Watch a trailer below.

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