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Adobe has experimented with artificial intelligence in packaging videos


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Adobe is showing off its new global fill feature, Project Fastfill, that can easily add or remove objects in videos with the power of AI. It’s one of many new experimental AI features Announce today At the company’s MAX conference. Project Fast fill has the ability to swap clothing accessories on moving people or remove tourists from the background of a landscape.

FastFill works similarly to Google’s Magic Editor, where you can move between people or things, but using video instead of just still images. Fastfill promises to do the things the company’s Project Stardust does for still images, like changing colors with just the input of a text message. Adobe says these generative AI features are made possible by the company’s updated Firefly AI models.

Like most of the new features introduced at the Adobe conference, Project Fastfill is an experiment that the company’s engineers are currently working on. But like the generic fill features unveiled in Photoshop in previous years, they’ll likely eventually make their way to Creative Cloud customers. Adobe is looking to use the new feature in Premiere Pro and After Effects but has not provided a timeline.

Adobe is working on AI editing technology for video, audio, and 3D design in other ways, too. The company’s Project Dub Dub Dub software can translate sounds into different languages. Scene Change can move subjects to a new location in another clip. Res Up uses diffusion to amplify the size of low-resolution video. Project Poseable can form 3D objects based on photos of real people and can create 3D renderings using text input.

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As more AI tools for creating images become available to users, such as the Magic Editor in the Google Pixel 8, we were already at the point of wondering, what is the picture? Now, Adobe’s AI-powered Flash Fill feature for video processing could soon bring the same ability to more people, and we have to ask: What is video?

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