If you are not out from home or spoke with Drake then you are probably aware that battle royale fever is sweeping the nation. Jeff Kaplan who is the director of the Overwatch said that the request he gets for the battle royale mode make him happy and he is looking forward to making it happen in a smooth way.

A year after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which took over the world, other games like Fortnite, Dying Light, and Crytek’s Warface have added some updates of their own. PUBG does not invent any formula in which it allows 100 people to get into an arena to fight with themselves and the more paly who survive and stay till last is the ultimate winner of the game. But, it makes the Battle Royales a very popular game throughout 2017. According to Epic Fortnite’s spin just took about two months to create and this has led the people to look at Overwatch and allow them to ask how is this possible.

In an interview, Kaplan said that he and the team of the Overwatch are actively adding a battle royale mode. The Overwatch game is a very specific type of game and adding battle royale to this game can make the game worst and it may face rejection from players.

When some fans say about adding a card in the Arcade in battle royale mode, Kalpana feel like it is the most stunning idea in the game and it will make the game more attractive. To make it happen we need to add some designs and tech work to the game so that it can reach that place where Kalpana is looking to take the game. Overwatch game is a game which is about heroes and it makes the core loop work in a battle royale game is to search, loot and the fairness that which is equal for everybody.

Kaplan also said that he and his team of PUBG addicts have spent many early mornings with tea to discuss how exactly the add-on can be implemented in battle royale mode and this leads to the discovery of the largest stumbling blocks. Kalpana response is same to what Take-Two President Strauss Zelnick said for the battle royale genre. He said that “ he is wary of his studios at Rockstar and 2K is following a trend instead of blazing their own trail.”

Overwatch game is about heroes, and the main part of the game is to search, loot and adding fairness for everybody. This game is not designed to be a one vs one game and the heroes that are present in the game is not balanced against each other. If you pick some heroes, then still there will be some issue of space. The maps which are present on Overwatch are very small as compared to PUBG and Fortnite game.