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Adam Copeland will be working full-time with AEW, and says he feels free


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AEW head honcho Tony Khan wasted no time showing off his newest signing in the post-Wrestling dream Scrum media. The WWE Hall of Famer, formerly known as Edge, who now works under his real name Adam Copeland (and retains his non-commercial title “Rated R Superstar”) was all smiles when introduced by his new boss.

Copeland will be “full-time” with AEW. After his recent run in WWE as a special attraction who only worked a few shows a year, Khan said Copeland will be on AEW television “every week.” In the short term, this means he will be there this week dynamite And Collisionand will face Luchasaurus in his first match with AEW when dynamite They will go head-to-head with WWE NXT on Tuesday, October 10.

The 49-year-old spoke about his decision to join AEW after his WWE contract expired last month, and why he has a busier schedule for his new company:

“Part of coming here was that I wanted to contribute. I wanted to help. And I felt here that I would really be able to do that, and I would have the opportunity to do that.”

“I look at a whole new roster of faces, a lot of talent that I’ve never laid my hands on before, and that – for me, as someone who is driven by challenges, that was the biggest thing for me. I had never been in a ring with Samoa Joe. I didn’t stand Never been in the ring with Sting before tonight. After 31 years in the industry, this has never happened.

“Then I see a guy like Nick Wayne, or I see Swerve. There’s a lot of possibilities here, and for me at this point in my career — that’s very enticing, that’s very exciting, and that’s… I said it there, after I’m back there Tonight, I felt free. That’s the word that stood out – I felt free. And I felt fun.

“I almost felt the same feeling I would feel when I went out to my indie shows, when I was either ‘Adam Impact’ or ‘Sexton Hardcastle’ or something, and it was this whole new thing that I always wanted to do. That feeling, I felt it there. Tonight.

“And this, at this point in my career, to feel that? This is special. This — man, come on. 31 years old and feeling this way? This is a gift. This is all I ever wanted to do, and it seemed like this was an opportunity to participate — not just show up every day.” “Three months. I’ll be there every week. I’m a full-time guy. And I want to do this as long as I can. Because I feel like that’s the way I can help the most. More than anything, that’s what I’m here to do.”

Other highlights from Copeland’s time speaking to the wrestling press early this morning:

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• On Wednesday, he will present his “mission statement” and give us some backstory on what we saw in the ring on Wrestling dream.

• To illustrate his excitement, Copeland told the story of flying to Seattle on Friday and calling up Darby Allin to get his suggestions on where to film his introductory vignette. At one point, while holding a photographer as they rolled up the SUV’s window to film shots of the muscle car from his driveway, Copeland said he was “babbling”: “I’m 49, this is amazing. What do we do? This is amazing.” He returns to the word “free” to describe how he feels in AEW.

• From a “sneak peek” at the AEW roster, there are 14 names he’s excited to work with. He mentioned Joe again, then pointed out that he’s never been in the ring with Jon Moxley or Claudio Castagnoli. Copeland just met Kenny Omega for the first time ever tonight. “There is a lot here to see and challenge myself with.”

• He ignored a question about how his talks about joining AEW began, focusing instead on the second part about whether he would help behind the scenes. Copeland said the creative process has always been something he enjoys being very involved in. The storytelling element of professional wrestling is why he fell in love with the business, and he “absolutely” plans to help “everyone who wants to help.”

• He was always open to helping other talents, and that (along with his daughter telling him he should “go be with Uncle Jay” [Reso, aka Christian Cage] And have fun.”) One of the main things that brought him to AEW: “I thought I could really try to help out here. This in turn helps the entire wrestling industry, which is something I love – second only to my wife and kids.

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• Copeland “locked himself” in his hotel room. Allen took them to “obscure places” to film his first video, where no one cared. He snuck out to eat and was recognized once, but playfully asked the kid he recognized to keep it quiet and he did.

• When asked if Beth Phoenix might join him in AEW, Copeland said he wasn’t aware of “the possibility of that happening in the foreseeable future.” But he always wants to be near her, so maybe. He added that she is a sounding board for all his ideas, always improving them, so if he did it on screen, her fingerprints would be on it. “It’s amazing to be married to a Hall of Famer — it’s so amazing. Who can ride you [laughs]”.

• It was very important for Copeland to participate in Alter Bridge’s “Metalingus.” The band’s guitarist Mark Tremonti, who wrote the song, is a friend, and always said he could use it wherever he went. The music sets the tone for his character, and the “getting there” of the performance.

You can read more about Copeland’s AEW debut at Wrestling dream Here, and watch the entire Media Scrum here.

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