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Now that’s sad confirmation!

On Wednesday afternoon, rescue workers pulled a completely destroyed BMW SUV from Lake Lucerne (Switzerland). One person died in the wreck.

Review: On Sunday, the car broke the railing, fell about 50 meters and then plunged into the lake. Experts were able to locate the car at a depth of 182 meters using sonar, but recovery was difficult at first. But the BMW was finally lifted with the help of crane ships.

Here the SUV breaks the ground

Photo: Swiss Cantonal Police

Divers were also involved in the four-hour campaign. They first secured the SUV a few meters below the surface of the water, where they found the body. The lifeless body was loaded into a crane vessel, covered with a tarpaulin and taken ashore by a police boat. A coffin was waiting there.

Cantonal Swiss police said the victim was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich for identity verification. As per the current status of the investigation, the man was alone in the car when the accident took place.

A policeman swims back to the boat after collecting debris from the cliff face

A policeman swims back to the boat after collecting debris from the cliff face

Photo: Urs Flueler/dpa

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So far, all that is known about the crashed vehicle is that it is a dark SUV with Zurich license plates. BILD inquiries with police in the canton of Schwyz revealed that it was a BMW X-Series.

The accident happened on Achsenstrasse near Brunen, a community of 9,000 people. Inexplicable: where the car shot up the cliff, there was no crash barrier – only a pedestrian barrier. The maximum speed has been reduced from 80 kmph to 60 kmph.

The first report on the accident at Lake Lucerne can be read here.

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